On the history of the Palucki®Method
In 2008, at the age of 62, Ilona Palucki discovered what we now call the Palucki method when she tried a process that she had envisioned with a person who had been sexually abused in childhood. The effect of completely dissolving the negative emotions was repeated with other people on each trial.

Her son Patrick Palucki eventually began a search for how to think and communicate about the phenomenon, as well as for it’s causes. He later recruited scientists and organized various research projects among this a peer-reviewed university pilot study.

After about 10 years of further development and fine-tuning of the method since its discovery, the Palucki Institute was founded in 2017.

Ilona Palucki experienced emotional and physical abuse in childhood herself. Although this took a significant toll in some areas of life, Ilona Palucki was able to to make herself be completely emotionally free from these experiences. According to her son, she is “shining from inside of herself, one of the most contented and independently happy people you can imagine”.

Patrick Palucki
Patrick PaluckiCo-Founder, CEO
Patrick Palucki is a consciousness developer and artist turned social entrepreneur.

Patrick has been pioneering brain computer interface applications for learning and training progressive states of consciousness (meditation) through neurofeedback via multi-channel EEG and VR. He has presented and exhibited at various conferences, such as “The Science of Consciousness”, in Tucson, “Science and Nonduality” and “Transformative Technology” both in Silicon Valley, as well as at Harvard University.

Originally an experimental media-creator, Patrick has entered the world of the science of consciousness through interdisciplinary research and development. He was a member of the Neuroscience Research Group led by legendary Dr. Michael A. Persinger and has created media-concepts for Dr. Anirban Bandyopadhyay’s research.

Patrick has received numerous awards as a media creator and experimental film maker. He has co-authored an operatic performance about climate change for the United Nations’ 60th anniversary in Asia performed in the conference hall of the UN ESCAP headquarters.

Ilona Palucki
Ilona PaluckiCo-Founder, Discovery of the Palucki Method
Ilona Palucki is a holistic healer and coach who specializes in addressing psychological trauma and adverse life experiences. In addition to practicing at the Palucki Institute Retreat Center in the South of France, she offers her healing internationally, typically addressing audiences of diverse cultural backgrounds. She discovered the Palucki Method for Healing Trauma and Adverse Life Experiences, in 2008, when helping a colleague who was suffering from childhood abuse.

The Palucki Method for Healing Trauma and Adverse Life Experiences has been studied at several universities and the results have been presented at science conferences. Furthermore, a clinical validation study was conducted which resulted in the publication of a peer-reviewed paper.

A published author on dance and femininity, Ms. Palucki was previously a dance teacher in Munich who engaged in dance therapy and body-work. This contributed to a deeper holistic understanding which has helped form the body-work elements of the Palucki Method today. On her journey she explored and practiced various modalities of the wisdom traditions of Buddhism and shamanism of the Americas. Ilona looks back onto a life where a diverse range of experiences have come together and deepened the formation and implementation of her method.

Dr. med Sylvia Krusemark
Dr. med Sylvia KrusemarkAdvisor
Dr. med. Sylvia Krusemark will join our team from July 2024. Dr. med. Sylvia Krusemark works as a senior physician at a large specialist clinic for neurology, psychiatry and psychotherapy with a regional care mandate. There she is entrusted with the conceptual development and implementation of a therapy station with a focus on trauma-related disorders and borderline disorder, as well as its management and further development. Under her senior medical leadership, an internal day clinic was established as well. She also managed an external day clinic until 2022. She has further training in EMDR, IRRT, special psychotrauma therapy (curriculum according to DeGPT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), trauma DBT and acceptance and commitment therapy. She is a practicing Buddhist and has been active as a leader of a Buddhist group in her free time since 2015.
Martin Siepmann
Martin SiepmannWeb & Technology Administration
Martin Siepmann was a captain in the german army and was stationed in southern France for several years as an instructor on the Tiger attack helicopter at the German-French training center. He was deployed abroad several times as a pilot – the reconstruction mission in Afghanistan and the peace mission to stabilize Mali.
He was one of the first clients of the Palucki Method and says in his own words, “I spent a few hours with Ilona and it changed my life.”

Since then, he has accompanied the creation of the Palucki Institute for almost 15 years with the technical and digital administration and especially the programming and support of our websites.

We believe that trauma and unresolved emotions from adverse life experiences are at the heart of the issues of society, community and leadership. Hence, their resolution is a cornerstone of advancing human evolution and sustaining life and bio-diversity on our earth amidst the huge global challenges of today.

We support the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs). We, especially support SDGs #3 Good Health and Wellbeing, #13 Climate Action, #14 Life Below Water and #15 Life On Land. A percentage of our revenue goes towards conservation of climate and of wildlife.

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