What the Clients say

E.F. from Frankfurt, 72 years old, writer

“I was stunned when I looked at your photo from France. It looked as if all the dirt had been washed out of you,” my old friend said, before I revealed to her that my supposed two-week vacation to the South of France was actually a trauma therapy. Later she also assured me that my voice and my entire demeanor had completely changed.

“That must have been a relaxing holiday!” commented A., the owner of my favorite café. “You look at least five years younger.”

My GP said on her second visit in three weeks: “You still look shiny, so upright and confident. Just the way you sit there. You exude a completely different sense of self-worth.”

Yes, since I did the trauma therapy with Ilona Palucki, people who previously overlooked me have suddenly started talking to me. Whenever I have requests or concerns on the phone with authorities, with doctors or with my optician, I constantly feel to be very welcome. That changes my life and makes it much easier for me to clarify my concerns. Many people smile at me during conversations and when problems arise, a solution is quickly found.

My condition was completely different when I arrived at Ilona’s. I felt completely drained, exhausted, had nightmares at night and a thousand fears and suicidal fantasies during the day.

My life’s story was tough: sexual abuse (father), attempted murder (by mother), constant insults and oppression. My parents spared nothing to humiliate me and vent their personal frustration on me.

I was their scapegoat and left them very early. However, the facade was middle-class. I couldn’t remember anything when I moved out, because the attacks had taken place in my early childhood (between two and three years old). Since I wasn’t physically abused later on, I couldn’t understand my constant hatred of my family and blamed myself for it.

As a young woman, I attempted suicide twice. I went through many therapies, both individual and group analyses, and outwardly defied what had happened. They helped me build a foundation of self-respect and to survive professionally.

I pursued an academic and artistic career in which I was able to achieve some success.

However, when I turned thirty, my life was thrown into disarray again when I got cancer and as soon as I got out of the intensive care unit, suddenly I remembered everything that had happened.

When I confronted my parents and my sister, who denied everything, it was the final break with my family.

I always felt very alone with what I had suffered, because with the exception of my first very unconventional therapist, none of the analysts I consulted wanted to talk to me in detail about the trauma.

I lived, or rather survived, with constant anxiety attacks, sleep disorders, and had problems with close relationships with men and women. Friendships with women were difficult or even impossible. My life was and remained a constant balancing act. When I was by myself, I was often desperate and depressed.

But because I was still longing for real healing, one day I came across Ilona Palucki’s trauma work. I was very impressed by the many positive feedbacks and the 1:1 concept of her treatment. The tutorials and photos of her (Wow! How sensual and beautiful!) as well as the two initial consultations instilled confidence in me. I had to back out once because my cat got very sick. But I made a second attempt, which ultimately resulted in the two-week, very successful therapy in December 2023.

Of course, despite the anticipation, I was full of fears and reservations. Much of it disappeared immediately at Nice airport. Ilona had waited patiently for four hours, because my plane was so late due to a snowstorm and she welcomed me with the warm-heartedness and the relaxedness that is typical for her.

Already while we were driving, her serene, calm charisma was transmitting to me. Late in the evening I moved into the beautiful, artistically designed apartment, which was also extremely caringly and lovingly furnished. Everything you could wish for when you arrived abroad was there in abundance. If I hadn’t made it to the supermarket, I could have easily survived for a few days on the food provided in the kitchen. Warm duvets and well-functioning heating made it possible to forget the mistral that whistled icily around the house.

But of course the best thing was the therapy. After the anamnesis, we practiced breathing using the Palucki breathing for two days and corrected my anxious posture, that was cutting me off from my vitality. In the days that followed, I was able to confront my traumas and their side effects and consequences.

Ilona’s method is very gentle and peaceful, while at the same time focused. In this way, all traumatic experiences were gradually worked through and eliminated. Ilona works intuitively and creatively and identifies all important issues and works on them with the client until the body and soul feel completely cleansed.

It was entirely based on the needs dictated by the topics. After just three days I felt a completely different attitude to life and was able to spontaneously smile at people on the street, simply because I felt good and, because my long-lost joy in life had unexpectedly returned.

For me as a cat lover, the “door opener” to trust in Ilona and her humane credibility was the well-being of her five “co-therapists”, i.e. her cats, who were casually chilling across the living room sofas every morning blinking dreamily at me when I showed up.

Ilona’s way of working gave me security: the main session took place in the morning, followed by one or two debriefings in the afternoon and evening as needed. So I always felt safe and held by Ilona’s positivity.

When the work was finished, I looked back at the traumas – and I still to this day do this – as if I were leafing through a photo album. It happened: I forgave everyone involved, but the emotional links are completely gone!

Sometimes I struggle to remember who my parents were! At the same time, an incredible amount of joy for life and zest for action have returned.

At the end of the work, as a reward so to speak and so that I could try out my new “self”, Ilona packed me into the car and we went on three wonderful trips to the Cote d’Azur. The highlight was the trip to Cannes. I’ve been to Cannes many times, but this time it was like discovering and enjoying everything for the very first time.

I could have screamed with joy, because I had taken off the glasses of my stress and complexity and I saw everything as on the first day. Life with its beauty and its endless possibilities opened up before me! We indulged in tea and dessert creations for three hours and got to know two interesting men with whom we had a stimulating conversation and laughed a lot.

And for me that was the biggest thing. I spent two and a half days with a woman in a friendly atmosphere without feeling tense for a second. A world premiere!

The separation was painful for me. An intense, loving bond had been created and now it was time to test everything in real life.

Of course, the environment had not changed along with me and an intensive process of turning things around in relationships and in my apartment began. I have a lot of ideas regarding writing and publishing, a move is planned and everything else remains to be seen.

I am very confident in everything and will be supported by Ilona in dealing with my new self for another month, the first one is already over.

Even though I am no longer very young, every day I am grateful to you, Ilona, for having had the treatment with you. A great burden has been lifted from me and my deepest wish has finally come true: I can freely dispose of my inner possibilities.

When I do sports, I’m suddenly flexible and powerful, I’m happy about every new day and its options and I’m always looking for things that I enjoy. “You, too, so deserve that” I hear Ilona’s comment now.

And I say this to all of you who carry terrible things from your past with you. Everyone deserves to resolve their traumas and be happy. This is possible with Ilona Palucki’s method. I am living proof of this. Thank you, Ilona!

E.F. from Frankfurt, 72 years old, writer

Entrepreneur, Rhine-Palatinate, 6 months later

When I made my way to llona, I was in a very desperate situation. I previously had a long stay in a psychiatric hospital because I suffered from panic attacks. After my release, I continued to suffer from very severe depression, which left me unable to sit comfortably in my chair because I was driven by inner restlessness, despair, senseless guilt and the fear of losing my mind .

I had already experienced severe trauma in my childhood and when I became ill with Graves’ disease, my psyche finally collapsed and although I tried every offer to cure my traumas, nothing could help me.

It was only in therapy with llona that my severe psychological suffering began to change. After each session, I could feel the emotional pain systematically leaving my body. After each session I became lighter and freer. Feelings of guilt, inner turmoil, despair and other emotional stresses worked their way out of my system.

When my therapy with llona ended and I began my journey back, not only had my depression disappeared, but I can consider myself a happy person since then.

I wish every person dealing with mental health issues to allow themselves to use this unique path to salvation for themselves. This is such an extraordinary opportunity to free the soul from its suffering that I am eternally grateful for it. This method gave me the opportunity to free myself from my traumatic experiences and no longer be a victim of my past.

Entrepreneur, Rhine-Palatinate, 6 months later

Lena & David

Dear Ilona☀️! How are you? We came to see you about a year ago. Since then, our lives have changed wonderfully for the better ❤️ We think of you often with gratitude Lena is doing great, the sun comes shining from her butt, so to speak She is happy and completely unburdened, we laugh a lot together and enjoy life. Hope you’re doing well☺️ When is your birthday? Hello David

Bernadette / Student / Palatinate, August 2023


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Sandra, 8 months later

Dear Ilona, ​​I hope you are well!

Today was my last day of the seminar and my last presentation from the master’s degree. The only thing missing is my thesis.

The last few weeks have been better than ever and I notice how the positive effects of the healing work are becoming more and more clear. Before, I could not have imagined that life could be so carefree and full of happiness, and above all that I could put away the many things that held me back and small. And I notice how the development continues. Lately I’ve been making a lot of new experiences and somehow getting to know myself in a different way. The relationship with my partner is also becoming more and more beautiful, freer and more intense. Without you, our relationship would probably have broken down at some point because of the problems. It is also so fulfilling for me that I can now simply accept and enjoy my femininity.

I keep thinking of you and how incredibly grateful I am for working with you ❤️

Lovely greetings, Sandra, July 21, 2023



(Translated from German)

Doreen, businesswoman

It is not at all easy to find the right words for a feedback that comprehensively reflect and express my experiences in these 14 days.

The biggest obstacle in doing this is recalling my old conditioning and programming.

This is simply no longer tangible. – Absolutely crazy, but just as great.

In the days of working with Ilona, I felt myself growing and straightening up, not only internally, but also factually and physically.

Even now, many weeks after visiting her, this feeling is still present, it continues to grow in me.

The tools she gave me are really powerful, loving but powerful.

A little anecdote on the subject of growing and straightening up: I now need two new varifocal glasses, because I have actually learned and adopted a more upright posture and the setting of the glasses no longer fits – unreal! 🙂

I still remember the burden with which I was standing in front of Ilona’s door – a ton-weight of a confused tangle of an oedipal relationship with my father, my mother, who actually never wanted me, several sexual assaults in my youth, fear of death, an abortion and the divorce of my marriage just to name big ones.

All of this was never resolved and consciously and unconsciously determined my actions and my being.

My attempts to heal have led me into many hands, including depth psychologists, naturopaths and shamans.

I did find peace within myself for a short time, but the old issues and burdens came back quite quickly.

Sometimes after these ups and downs I felt even more broken than before.

Now I stood there and Ilona greeted me with her great warmth and open-mindedness that my worries and fears ahead of this encounter vanished very quickly.

And yes, of course, there were fears about this big step – I open myself up to a stranger again, put hope in their hands and fear disappointment somewhere deep inside.

But none of this was justified, as always.

Because who doesn’t know that – the first day of school, you have so many thoughts in your head how bad it could be and then you’re IN the situation and everything is fine.

And it feels great.

I felt understood in our long conversations, I felt valued and I felt held, that was sooo nice.

Already the first two days, which we spent with breathing exercises, were overwhelming and instructive.

When I walked through the door of the apartment below in the evening and greeted my friend who accompanied me, I was exhausted from what I had learned and happy about exactly that at the same time. I was bursting with happiness….

In the 14 days I learned so much with Ilona and experienced healing that I have a very, very good feeling that I finally got out of these ups and downs.

I would like to share a special moment, which may sound banal at first glance, but for me it was full of emotions:

I like to wear a scarf with every outfit, thick scarves in autumn and winter to keep me warm, airy scarves in spring and summer because they dress me up.

Suddenly, in a conversation with Ilona, I felt this uncomfortable heaviness and being constricted on my shoulders, I didn’t even know what was happening all of a sudden.

I took off the scarf and a flash of images and emotions went through me.

The scarf was my castle, I hid myself behind its walls, made myself very small, didn’t want to be seen.

With this realization came the tears of happiness… I’ve grown…! I haven’t worn a scarf since that day.

Now it’s up to me to use the suitcase full of tools and the learned knowledge for myself and to cultivate, preserve and maybe also inspire this regained light-heartedness.

Ilona, thank you very much for your great help… Thank you, many greetings and love from Thuringia.

Doreen, businesswoman

Anonymous, female 35 years

Before I came to Ilona I was in a very bad mental state. I was struggling massively with my relationship, things weren’t going well in my self-employment, and communication in the family was also difficult and exhausting. I found Ilona by accident and asked myself: Can I give a stranger such a leap of faith? I ended up feeling so bad that I decided to be worth it.

I have developmental trauma, among other things. In other words, there is not one, bad situation, but many small ones that have left their scars over the years and led to unpleasant entanglements. That’s why it wasn’t the case for me, as many people described in the feedbacks, that I felt very clearly how this trauma physically dissolved immediately. The first few days I found it difficult to let myself get into it and to let go of my own expectations. The sessions were incredibly good for me and I gained a lot of clarity nevertheless. But then it got easier and I noticed how my confidence was slowly coming back. As Ilona had always emphasized: the healing works immediately on a trauma, but a developmental trauma has a different time frame, which means there is a development process over a couple of weeks and a few months. I knew it was about restoring my dignity.

Since I’ve been back there has been movement in previously deadlocked topics, I feel much stronger overall, clearer and can stand up for myself more and more often. I change internally and externally. I’m doing better than before to take the energy out of the things I can’t change and focus on myself instead. Overall, I feel much more confidence, joie de vivre and lightness and I am very happy to have Ilona by my side(still). I feel I am on a very good and much healthier personal path. The 2 weeks are still having an effect and I’m looking forward to everything that may develop from it in the future.

Ilona took an incredible amount of time and treated me with an openness, impartiality and patience that is second to none. I felt like I was in good hands and accepted from the start. She is very sensitive, calm, level headed and conscientious AND she has a great sense of humor (yes, we laughed a lot, too!). All of this has helped me a lot to be more loving towards myself, to take my needs seriously and to value myself.

Thanks for everything Ilona!

Anonymous, female 35 years

Sandra, 24, psychology student

I was very shy as a child and had very little self-confidence. My youth was riddled with depressive episodes, eating disorders, great self-doubt and fear of failure. In addition, there were grave psychological problems due to traumatic relationship experiences. Although I got some of it under control through therapy, the basic feeling towards myself and my environment remained.

I was with Ilona for 14 days and with her deep soul healing work I resolved my traumata, which I previously understood rationally in part, but otherwise could not let go of.

The bodywork helped me a lot to improve my posture and appearance. I used to feel a bit uncomfortable being so tall. Today I’m proud of it.

Two months have passed since the stay and I can clearly see how stable and strong I have become. The breathing technique has become an important tool for me. I deal with stress and difficulties in a completely different way. I have a new, positive attitude towards life.

I am incredibly grateful for the work and can only recommend everyone to take this step.

Sandra, 24, psychology student

Tina W. from Munich, from 01/11/2022 to 15/11/2022

The last straw – help for self-help

-2 clinic stays (each 8 weeks)

-25 months abroad

-3 therapies in 6 years

-and 5 coachings later…

…my 36 year life was in pieces. I was so desperate that I wanted to end it. Especially when the back pain decreased, but the depression gnawed at me like a Dementor.

My doctors said that I had to live with the old trauma and learn to deal with the resulting depression.

When I came across Ilona Palucki’s page in early 2022, that was – the last straw!

Heal old trauma. release burdens. Without opening up old wounds, without digging deep and leaving more scars like in previous therapies?

It sounded too good to be true.

Was I skeptical? Of course.

Was I afraid of it? Oh yes!

Could I manage to raise the money? I was in doubt.

But if I had learned one thing in the past coaching, then it was:

“The most important investment you can make – is the investment in yourself”

So I checked my account, did the math and was able to fly to Nice in November.

But what if I don’t make it? What if I pay tuition and nothing else?

I had become a big doubter due to the renewed pain in my back and the swamp where the depression was sinking me in deeper.

And it took me the full 15 days for the switch to flip.

Today two days after St. Nicholas December 2022. This year is coming to an end. It was challenging and yet it was a brilliant year. Now that I’m at peace with myself again.

I am fine. The depressions are gone – as if they have never existed. I’m bursting with creative ideas again. I have found myself.

I’ll fix everything else now.

Because if something goes wrong – I’ll do it better tomorrow. And I am my mistress and I make the world how I like it. At my pace. Step by step.

Many thanks for the help to help myself

Tina W. from Munich

A review about my experiences with the Palucki method for all the people who have had similar experiences and also for all those who suffer from other traumatic experiences and various stress factors:

I became a victim of organized crime when I was 16, so the anonymity of this review is particularly important.

I was raped several times, forced into various sexual acts and was ultimately supposed to prostitute myself. A single nightmare began at that time – for me and my family. A nightmare that didn’t really want to end in the years that followed. Although I mastered my everyday life, the experiences had changed me and left their mark not only on my soul but also on my body. I could never feel really “free” and left out again. Nevertheless, I thought I had processed the traumatic experiences sufficiently – until about 3 years ago, I was in my early 30s. Out of the blue, everything was there again, triggered by the interaction of small things. My symptoms fit the criteria for (complex) post-traumatic stress disorder and the nightmare began all over again – along with all the feelings I had tried so carefully to suppress for years. So I went back into psychotherapy with the aim of getting rid of it once and for all. I had become a psychotherapist myself and knew how things are going. Many follow-up appointments followed using EMDR with the aim of integrating the traumatic experiences and reducing the PTSD symptoms. For those who can’t imagine what it means, a brief explanation: The aim of EMDR treatment is to support the brain in activating its own self-healing powers and in processing the stressful memories. This is done using bilateral stimulation.

However, despite the positive effects, I had the feeling that these were not enough to give me the inner peace that I so desperately wanted. I felt it needed something “deeper”. Then I came across the Palucki method on the Internet. I looked at everything, read the reviews, listened to the interviews with Ilona and had the first conversation with her. I felt that this healing work is what I need and that I owe it to myself and the rest of my life to try! So I traveled to France for 16 days and: it was the best decision of my life!! The healing work worked wonders and all the time and work with Ilona was a real enrichment!! I was able to let go, literally straighten up, reclaim my dignity and my freedom. Finally I feel lightness in my life again and I feel something like “inner peace”. Situations that previously triggered my trauma network are now simply “okay” – they no longer trigger feelings. Also the thought of everything that happened. It happened and I know the facts, but I don’t feel them anymore! And that’s the big difference – it turns me from victim to ‘knower’! I cannot put my gratitude to Ilona and her method into words and I can only say: everyone who bears the burden of a trauma (no matter what kind) – this treatment is more than one dares to hope – it is healing! !

– Another very grateful client.

Ellen L. Southern Germany

While browsing the Internet, I discovered Ilona’s website and directly felt appealed.

My everyday life was affected by swings in mood and in performance, a ride through mountains and valleys. The psychological abuse from my family of origin apparently continued to unconsciously influence my thoughts, decisions and my self-confidence even as an adult, although I thought I had checked that off long since.

The offer came at just the right time, because after a long time of working on myself and reflecting on my development so far, I still felt dissatisfied, driven, rarely really present regardless of the environment and at the same time often very exhausted.

I had gotten to know various holistic forms of therapy, which always brought me a step further and I hoped to take a further step with breathing therapy.

During ten days of therapy with Ilona, my body awareness and my experience began to change in a way I rarely knew.

Just by breathing consciously in the first few days, I felt more grounded and closer to my center.

Without spending hours rewinding and analyzing painful situations and their framework conditions, we quickly got to the heart of the matter.

Based on the special way of breathing, Ilona then gradually replaced the themes on a physical level. So wonderful, because the liberating effect really was immediately noticeable.

In order to manifest all this, I decided to do 3 more days of effective body and posture work, which I would not want to miss.

Ilona’s lovingly designed house with its personal, soothing atmosphere and the well-kept garden, in which you keep discovering new things even after a few days, offered the right environment for healing work.

And now, after a few months, the positive trend continues.

How beneficial is the increasing presence in everything I do and undertake. My relationship with my husband and family has improved significantly, I can get involved more and at the same time, if necessary, distance myself better. I take better care of myself and can sleep better at night, the phases of exhaustion are less. Instead, I now feel more rested and recharged. This inner peace and serenity makes many things easier that used to exhaust me in advance. I enjoy again. I am active with joy.

What I would like to emphasize in particular is Ilona’s constant genuine devotion – not only during the therapy times – as well as her general reliability.

In general, she took care of everything to make the entire stay as pleasant as possible.

This therapy is simply terrific and convincing. Thank you Ilona.


Ellen L. Southern Germany


Biby, 67 years

Retreat from 05.06. until 21.06.2022 with Ilona Palucki

I’ve been working in a self-reflective way for a number of years.. but there was always a part in me that said, you’re not living YOURSELF yet… as luck would have it, I became aware of Ilona’s website… during that time I was quite down and “out of breath” from everyday life and everything surrounding it. It wasn‘t enough to intellectually dissolve the powerful “limitation within me”.

I made an appointment to go see Ilona in France about 4 months later.

Due to my first degree COPD disease, breathing was often very difficult for me and for this reason I have already taken singing lessons in the past in order to be able to get by without medication and to not always have to “gasp for air”…

What then happened with Ilona borders on a miracle… I learned to BREATH.

We worked on my traumata. one after the other, which I’m sure had been “flaring” deep inside me and they went away. Thanks to Ilona’s sensitive nature and good work with me… step by step I became more and more free and no longer felt like I was in a box with self-made walls, but outside the box and FREE… the work was exhausting, but we always had a lot of fun together and I became all the more relaxed… I felt better from day to day and cannot thank Ilona and her method enough.

In addition, I was lucky and had the time to learn Ilona’s bodywork to such an extent that I now implement it every day in my everyday life and feel so comfortable with it and have become a different person. My singing voice became more intense and powerful and this also increased my self-confidence and I can only say:

The time with Ilona in France and her method was the biggest and best adventure of my life.

From the bottom of my heart… THANK YOU…


67 years


Sexual abuse, 4 days Palucki method

Hello dear Ilona,

my name is Philippa, I am 24 years old and know you from my big sister. She was with you in France for 4 days this year. Now I have a question. I’m currently training to be a naturopath. During the training, however, I realized more and more that my later work would go in a different direction. For a long time I have been dealing with the topics of emotions and stuck energies in the body and what can become of them. My understanding of illness has changed a lot in the last 2 years.

Your work is sooo fascinating and I could see from my sister what your technique can do. Of course, I was immediately curious and I asked myself whether you also train your technique? Or is there a way to learn this wonderful technique from you?

I find her so blatantly strong and effective and of course I can “only” measure that using the example of my sister, but I see the change and transformation of her and if someone had told me a year ago that she would be like this today, honestly, I would have laughed out loud. But something has changed in her attitude, in her behavior, in her thinking, in her actions and and and…

So, in order to not to let this message become too lengthy: I would be very happy about an answer from you.


*Name changed to anonymize. Translated from German

Note d. Red.: We have contacted Philippa. We appreciate your interest and passion! We are indeed in the process of developing training in the Palucki Method for therapists. It’s still too early to say more about this, but to stay up to date on this, please subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you very much!

Verena / Southern Germany

Sexual Abuse

My name is Verena, 40 – and now, thanks to Ilona, ​​I’m finally living my life again.

Do you know this when you feel like you’re not yourself? Well, I’ve been like this for decades. Since the day it first happened, to be precise. Defenceless, I tore apart physically…

…and mentally. What has happened since?

Ever since the act, I have been ruled by an invisible demon that tormented me every night and every day and sucked the joy out of life. Always in the form of the perpetrator, this demon appeared and ruled me. My self no longer existed.

Hmm, life? It wasn’t there for me since the traumatic event. When it was repeated at school age (same perpetrators) I fell into depression. The sexual abuse not only killed my genitals but also my soul, my spirit. I completely lost my confidence in myself and in other people and in the meaning of life. I couldn’t trust anyone anymore. Not even myself. Timid, fearful and self-destructive, my life slipped past me. With longing I hoped that it would finally end.

The world had no place for me. Everything I started failed, both personally and professionally. In addition, I was always tired and couldn’t go to the toilet once a week to do my big business, for umpteen years I’ve been constipated despite taking different medications every day. I also built a gigantic wall of icy self-protection around me – for survival. This wall didn’t have much to do with life, more with self-destruction.

When the only person I’ve ever loved and still love said: Our relationship couldn’t go on like this, I sought help.

A big thank you, here, to my favorite person!!!

After the video conference with Ilona, ​​I spontaneously booked a flight to Nice. It was high time to break the silence and start healing, and above all to take care of myself. Ilona seemed trustworthy and a true professional in her field. Added to this were her successes. And I finally wanted to be successful as well.

As you can imagine, my courage failed me at the airport in Munich. However, I wanted the healing so badly within me that I dragged myself onto the plane. To console myself, I had bought a small stuffed animal. It should give me courage when I lost mine. In retrospect, I know it would not have been necessary to buy this stuffed animal. Ilona was there for me from the moment I arrived at Nice airport until my departure. She looked after me carefully and lovingly all around.

Could I face the demon alone? No. But together with Ilona, ​​yes. More than that, she helped me take him out of my life. For the first time in my life I felt free. But more on that in a paragraph later.

Let’s continue with the question that occupied me – before and during I was deciding to go into therapy with Ilona. It might also be important for you:

Do I have to painstakingly report in great detail what happened? No. Ilona left it up to me how much I wanted to tell. She created a safe space for me. Something unexpected happened in this protected space: I suddenly wanted to report in detail on my own in order to free myself. I felt here with Ilona it was possible to free myself. I – yes I – was confident. I made it with her by my side. To my amazement, I didn’t collapse into a puddle of misery. Why? Ilona guided me in a healthful manner to let go and to breathe, among other things.

So, now I would like to tell you about my positive experiences that happened right after working with Ilona and that changed my life for the better. Yes, all that in a short time – within 1 week.

Everything that follows may be hard to believe for you or sound strange, but I swear to you from affected to affected: I really did so terrifically well. You are welcome to contact me via Ilona and we will exchange ideas. Just please give me a little time to reply. Thanks! You know, it takes a while for the Nice Post to arrive in Munich 😉

What changed in me. I am aware that it is certainly different for every person, but the following experiences are my truths:

– My body feeling (I covered my body extremely and didn’t even notice how hatefully I treated my avatar)

– I discovered something new: joy and curiosity about other people, whom I was either disgusted with or scared before

– Finally I was myself again. That what I really was as a person in the beginning: Full of courage and zest for life

– Since working with Ilona, ​​I’m sure that my professional plans will work out, and in some ways this is already the case

– I straightened up. Found my posture and stopped walking around like a crushed trash can

– It is huge for me that I can now go to the toilet every day. My intestine has finally digested the shock and freed itself from the rigidity

– My sex life with my favorite person has become more intimate and heartfelt than ever. Yep, I can say it’s the best sex I’ve ever had. Free, alive, dancing and sometimes wild

– I am free from my trauma. Freed. Even when I drove past his former apartment and on to the cemetery where he lay, nothing triggered me anymore

– I’m not tired at all anymore. I have strength and energy

– The demon is gone

– I feel confidence and love towards myself and never want to give up on myself again. Gone is the self-loathing

– It’s been 2 months since Ilona’s treatment, and I haven’t fallen into the black hole called depression yet. It appears to be cured. Based on this point, of course, the longing to die is gone

–   Who would have thought that? Not me. The world has room for me. And I can live and I want it, too

– I can feel my genitals again. They are no longer dead. Neither does my soul

– I’m not extremely shy anymore either

– I came back to life

– Last but not least, a super plus point for me: the self-destruct thoughts and actions no longer throw me into despair and stupid actions


My conclusion:

I’m no longer the same person. I’m finally the one who I was originally meant to be.

I woke up.

I can laugh again

i’m happy again

Of course I can’t rip out the pages of my life book and erase what happened to me, but Ilona showed me a way to deal with it. And this one works for me.

Phew, that was a lot of lines. Great and thanks for reading this far.

Can I recommend Ilona?

Definitely yes. I can recommend Ilona with her method with a clear conscience.

Even more:

From the bottom of my heart I wish that the work would be supported by the insurances so that every person affected has this opportunity to heal.

Finally, I would like to say thank you again to Ilona, to my favorite person and to me ;).

Lovely wishes,

Verena / Southern Germany


(translated from German)

Stefan, Cologne, March 25, 2022

Multiple sexual abuse in my childhood

It was March 9th and I had actually made it, I was on the plane on the way to Ilona. The weeks before were more than just horror. It was just a fight for survival.

3 months earlier I had started trauma therapy, where at the beginning I even seemed to be doing a little better. But then all the memories of my past that I had suppressed for so many years came back, especially the sexual abuse. Then, all I was occupied with, was trying not to slip into flashbacks. I even had to call an ambulance once and drive to the hospital. The doctors there were able to calm me down a bit, but only for the moment.

I was given sedatives for further emergencies, but it only helped to a limited extent. My only thought was, hopefully you’ll hold out until March 9th and hopefully you’ll make it to France safely. My friends were also very concerned, but they were also convinced that staying in France would help me. Then it was time, I was standing at the airport and was in absolute survival mode, hoping not to meet anyone to trigger me and remind me of my abusers. But I made it and sat on the plane. When I arrived in France, Ilona received me very friendly and even managed to calm me down a bit.

The days at Ilona’s we then worked with the trauma and – well, what can I say – it’s all true! – I got completely rid of the sexual abuse that I had had to endure during a boy scout trip by several young people and also another abuse. I was also able to release a lot of my childhood with an extreme toxic relationship and gaslighting from my mother. The stay with Ilona was more than worth it, I can finally live again. To everyone who had difficult experiences I can only recommend to go see Ilona. It is enormously worth it! And to all those who are afraid: the method really is very gentle and feels very natural.

Stefan, Cologne, March 25, 2022

R./ Solingen

Gang rape after a party and a contract rape


When I wrote Ilona for the first time I felt very bad shape.

My marriage was no longer working. We fought all the time. I was overwhelmed with my children. I was always in escape mode. The trigger for my first email was that an argument with my 12-year-old son totally escalated and I hit him in the face. it could not go on like that.

I’ve known for a long time that my trauma from sexual abuse was affecting me, but it was fine for a long time, I was a good mother and I was able to put it all aside.

When I arrived at Ilona’s, things were already different though. I had a great deal of respect and was also a little afraid of being at the mercy of a stranger, however. But when I saw Ilona and we spoke, all my doubts were gone and I felt very well looked after.

In the meantime I was separated and urgently needed some distance from my family in order to be able to tackle my issues.

Above all, the abuses paralyzed me a lot. I often had flashbacks, even though they happened almost 18 years ago.

The first time I was gang-raped after a party. The second time was a kind of contract rape my ex-boyfriend commissioned to get revenge on me. His friend carried this out.

That it was an ordered I only found out two years later from my ex’s new girlfriend, who was threatened by him that she could end up like me. The time of our relationship was also characterized more by humiliation than by love.

By working with Ilona, ​​I was able to completely resolve the trauma that was caused by the rapes.

I can remember it, but it doesn’t trigger anything in me anymore. I immediately felt so free, so light. Suddenly I actually found myself to be pretty amazing once again.

I was also able to deal well with my other issues with my parents and my ex-husband.

Ilona has rebuilt me ​​- in the truest sense of the word. Because the bodywork that we did together gave me so much. My hollow back and my strong X-legs are a thing of the past. I walk upright and full of confidence into a new life

The 13 days with Ilona were very exhausting, but they changed my whole life for the better.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart dear Ilona

R./ Solingen

Anonymous, entrepreneur, sports scientist, Vienna

I am 38 years old and have been a competitive athlete for 20 years. For over 10 years I have had an aching pain in my back.

Years of one-sided training brought my body into an imbalance, which I was unable to remedy through years of physiotherapy or through targeted compensatory training.

Since I studied sports science myself and know my body well, it was a bit tiring not to find an adequate solution to my problem. I work with various physiotherapists, but unfortunately I never got the desired result.

I left no stone unturned, whether yoga, fascia work or biomechanically optimally designed training – nothing really helped me.

I only had 2 goals: 1. get rid of the pain in my back and 2. improve my posture. Neither of my two goals was even remotely achieved with the methods mentioned above.

By chance I heard about Ilona’s breathing technique and decided to spend a few days in her retreat to learn how to breathe properly. During the anamnesis, she recommended that I also do a few hours* of body work with her. Of course, I gratefully accepted, which I should not regret.

Since I had a very happy childhood and did not suffer any severe trauma, thank God, no deep soul healing work was done on me.

Working with Ilona was fascinating to me, everything she prophesied came true as well.

Within 2 days my posture including spine changed. It was like my vertebrae were aligning properly during sleep.

The pain in my thoracic spine is gone, my back has felt a lot more relaxed since then. Since visiting her, I no longer need a physiotherapist, I have never been to one after the retreat. I would like to mention that at times I was seeing different physiotherapists twice a week!

I also noticed some other extremely positive side effects. You sleep better and wake up more refreshed. During the day you have more energy available. The basic mood is a lot better, which in turn leads to a more positive perception and thus to a more fulfilling life.

I am incredibly grateful to Ilona for her self-sacrificing work. She does everything with a certain loving ease, but at the same time she is extremely precise in what she does. In my opinion, this remarkable combination also contributes a little to the amazing results.

It’s hard for me to put my gratitude into words, it has definitely changed my life for the better.

I know that she has helped many people to let go of a much bigger and much deeper pain, not the least of which is why I will always carry her in my heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you dear Ilona.

Anonymous, entrepreneur, sports scientist, Vienna

*Ilona Palucki’s special bodywork takes a total of 9 hours and is carried out on 3 consecutive days. (editor’s note)

Translated from German

J., Consultant, New York City

I decided to work with Ilona because I knew I was “stuck” in moving forward with the work on myself.  For years I have been working and clearing old issues and moving forward, but I had hit a plateau. Since I was aware that whatever was “blocking” me was deep I went for two weeks. It took several days for the “issue” to show itself.  Working with Ilona and continuing with the follow ups, I can not even tell you what the issue was, it is gone.  Not only is the issue gone, my body and mindset is much more relaxed.  When I am in tense situations I notice that my body is not tense.  I am able to breath, be calm and see opportunity not fear.  This is due to my work with Ilona.

J., Consultant, New York City

R.F., Frankfurt

Almost a year ago I came to Ilona for 14 days. I had previously been hospitalized twice due to my mental condition, but had been discharged as “incapacitated” after several months on both occasions.

After the healing work with Ilona I was able to gain a foothold in life again. I now have a job that I enjoy, even upgraded it to 35 hours per week, because I don’t mind! I make decisions and people respect me.

R.F., Frankfurt

LG 19 years, Berlin, 4 days in December 2021

At the age of 14 I was sexually abused by my father several times over a period of about a year.

I never dared say a word about it for fear of the consequences. I lived with this person in a household for almost 5 years and was forced to endure him near me every day. Depression accompanied me through my daily life and I had given up all hope of ever being able to feel pure happiness again. Not long ago I decided to write my experience down. By a happy coincidence, my mother found what I had written and it was through her that I finally came to Ilona Palucki. Together with my mother I started the journey to France and, uncertain but with great hope, I gave myself into Ilona’s care. In the beginning I wasn’t very convinced and had doubts that I could become healthy and happy again.

Now I can finally claim to be free and independent again. Now, I view what happened as a part of my life to which I peacefully said goodbye so that I can enjoy and savor my life. I have an emotional distance to what is happening and can talk about it without feeling disgust, anger or hatred. Through the breathing that Ilona taught me, I learned that I am in control of myself, my body and my mind.

Ilona gave me help to help myself and I am very grateful for that.

L.G., 19, Berlin

Marius S.

All my life I’ve been a very bright young man and always in a extremely good mood. I was known for my good humor and positivity. My cascading illness began three years ago, which I want to go into only superficially. At first I had no idea where the symptoms were coming from. I had physical as well as psychological symptoms and an extreme sadness within me, which often triggered depression. The worst was my nervous system going haywire and I had no energy. I had lost all my lust for life. I really saw a lot of doctors and tried all sorts of other things.

After intensively dealing with the topic “traumata” I encountered Ilona’s work. I didn’t hesitate and arranged the date for therapy with her. When we started the therapy I had a lot of doubts inside of me, because I had already had some failures.

But Ilona always motivated me and was sure that we could do it. She is a very optimistic and self-confident woman, which she can be, because of her successful method. After a few days of hard work I finally made it. We solved my emotional blockages with the breathing method. I have never felt so overwhelmingly happy in my life. I finally did it and in such a short time. Ilona’s method is really extremely efficient and I learned to breathe properly again, which is the basis for health. In addition, we did body work, i.e. corrected my posture again. A change in attitude alone creates a different attitude towards life. In fact, it is logical that when each bone is properly seated on top of the other, there may be less or no sensitivities.

I’m just incredibly excited about how much has happened in such a short time.

If anyone is reading this and considering starting this therapy, please put your doubts aside and trust yourself and Ilona that you can get through this together. Ilona is also very familiar with many other topics and can very well understand what is going on in you. That’s what defines her competence. I am thrilled and would do it again at any time.

Many greetings, Marius S.

M.T., Bavaria

The stay with Ilona was just special and unique – a journey to myself! When I suddenly stopped being able to sleep a year ago and terrible fears were tormenting me all night, which I couldn’t classify, I happened upon Ilona’s website by accident. It quickly became clear to me that I had post-traumatic stress disorder. 9 months later I started the trip to France.

For many years I had suppressed how much I suffered in childhood. My brother was seriously ill as a small child and has been severely disabled ever since. For years his life hung by a thread. My parents, overwhelmed by the situation, paid him their full attention and overlooked me and my fears, which were growing ever stronger even in my early childhood. At home I was often alone with myself and my thoughts and couldn’t deal with many experiences and pictures from the hospitals. Neither of my parents were emotionally able to be there me. I was neglected even though I had everything else from them. In addition, I felt more and more that I had to function and not show any weaknesses. Hatred and anger towards the brother got worse and worse, which also led to strong feelings of guilt. My perfectionism grew. I lost more and more of the feeling for myself. Who was I? With others I shammed. Nobody should look into my soul, which led to an alienation from myself more and more. A vicious circle!

Even as a child, I had symptoms of anxiety such as hyperventilating or a racing heart. My muscles have been cramped since I was little. I forgot a lot over the years. For many years the fears were gone (as a young mother I simply had no time for them), then they came back, were gone gone again, but I was never really free from dull feelings. In addition, there was a birth trauma when my first child was born!

At the age of 41, happily married and myself a mother of two children, the dark thoughts suddenly wanted to come out more strongly than usual. In the sleepless nights last fall, I realized it!

Ilona encouraged me to come to Le Luc. The thought of being without my family, without my two small children, for two weeks was difficult for me at first. But I dared and also found that my husband and my children can get along well without me :

Ilona gave me the space and time for it in Le Luc – a lot of time! I spent two weeks with her.

Since arriving at the airport and in her beautiful oasis of calm at home, I felt a great deal of trust in Ilona and her abilities. I felt very comfortable from the first day. I was able to open up.

The breathing was incredibly good from the first day on and many entanglements and blockages were loosened during the healing work. The healing work is really unique!

The special thing was that during the nights at Ilona’s after the healing work, more and more pictures appeared. Pictures and experiences ran through like a film of my life, down to the last detail I was suddenly able to remember situations and experiences that I hadn’t thought of for years.

The next morning I wrote everything down in detail and read it to Ilona. So we were able to work our way completely through the trauma and entanglement through many long conversations and the subsequent healing work.

The night before last at Ilona’s I had a terrible nightmare – after the dream it was clear to me that I knew it from a very long time ago. I had had it just like that when I was around three or four years old. However, at the end of the dream this time Ilona herself showed up and calmed me down. As grueling as the night was, I knew it was all gone. I felt that I had worked everything out.

Over the two weeks I felt more and more who I really was, learned to take my space, not to look away in conversations. Such important things that would have taken me years in therapy.

The last few days Ilona did her bodywork with me. I was totally crooked, I wasn’t standing properly on both feet. My gait was poor and I no longer felt really comfortable in my body.

Incredible but true: after only a few days I stood straight. The hunchback disappeared. With Ilona’s help, I learned how to walk properly. I still practice on it every day and am thrilled to see how my gait and thus my mood changes.

Saying goodbye to Ilona and Le Luc was difficult, but after the intense time I was looking forward to my family and trying things out in everyday life. The demons are defeated, but of course work goes on at home. Yes, I have changed, but not my environment. One notices that!

I practice everyday in everyday life: saying no, drawing clearer boundaries. The hardest thing for me is to shed the perfectionism that has accompanied me for years. Handing over tasks. The valuable breathing helps calm me down and relax. Talking on the phone with my parents was easier. I am no longer afraid to travel to them. I no longer feel sadness or anger over all the lost childhood and adolescence. Of course, I still know how it was, but the memory no longer causes pain or uncomfortable feelings.

Dear Ilona, ​​I thank you with all my heart for your wonderful, loving and empathic work. Thank you for walking the exciting and exhausting way back into the past with me. It wasn’t a vacation, but it was just wonderful and important! You really are like a detective at work and I can understand that you love your calling.

I can encourage everyone who carries around unresolved and traumatic things with them for a long time to get in touch with Ilona.

Despite all the “dramas” there is always such a positive, encouraging and humorous mood from Ilona in coping with this burden that I was really carried away by this positive mood. Your words still echoing in my ear….

Thank you!!!

With very kind regards from Bavaria to your oasis of calm and peace

M.T., Bavaria

(translated from German)

K.C., Germany

A year ago I was with Ilona in Le Luc for 11 days and was able to get to know her and her work. During these days my whole life has passed in front of me and I was able to let go of a lot of old baggage. Much has changed in my life since then, but above all it is the emotional dependencies in my family and my everyday life that I was allowed to let go. I now notice how liberating it is and what emotional baggage I have carried with me all my life, how this has influenced and colored my whole life and all relationships. Years of therapy couldn’t help me with my childhood and transgenerational trauma and ended up being a pointless waste of time. My attitude towards life has changed since working with Ilona. The sadness and heaviness have disappeared and there is now much more room for lightness, joy and confidence. It was definitely one of the best decisions of my life to go to Le Luc and work with Ilona. If more therapists could work like this – it would bring healing to many people in a short time and change their lives.

K.C., Germany

(translated from German)

Stefanie from Northern Germany

On July 2nd I arrived exhausted, anxious and hopeless at Ilona in Le Luc.

I thought if she can’t help me then nobody can help me.

And I was so right!

After more than 30 years with recurring, even severe, depressions and fears, I was with Ilona in her beautiful house on the “couch” and breathed.

In the truest sense of the word, we worked 7 traumas through and away In 7 days. More and more I came into my strength and to myself – Stefanie!

It was exhausting work – but it was so worth it.

Ilona was by my side, like a rock. We dived together into the depths of my soul and my body and pulled one predator-fish after the another out of the water!

Today after 4 weeks I am on a very good path. I feel much better, I have energy again and can approach my ideas and plans and put them into practice. My work as a funeral orator is picking up speed again, the zest for life and the courage have returned.

To put it in Ilona‘s words: “How great is that actually? If not now, then when?”

I, Stefanie, thank you, dear Ilona from the bottom of my heart.

I can warmly recommend you with my deepest conviction!

All the best

Stefanie from Northern Germany

(translated from German)


Hello! A brief insight:

About half a year ago, the ground was torn from under my feet in the most violent way. I was firmly convinced that I would never get through this, let alone that someone could help me to come to terms with it! I suffered what is known as retraumatisation!

At the age of 14, I was robbed of my virginity by an extremely brutal rape that could / should have resulted in death. […]

I’ve had nightmares every night for the past six months! Again and again, I dreamed what had happened! I started sudden fainting. I just fell over and very often fell on my head! Daily raging headaches, panic attacks. I couldn’t go to work like that either! What should they think if I just fall down out of the blue.

For all of the nights of the past 6 months I had recurring nightmares! I suffered from extreme chronic constipation, sometimes couldn’t go to the toilet for 1 week! In order to survive, I had told myself until the end of last year that it happened voluntarily! Until that one day six months ago I had no memory of it, only of what I had told myself.

That year I went to a psychiatrist that was recommended to me. But it didn’t work. In my opinion, it got worse after that. By clearly admitting the rape, it all came back. Due to a random remark from my partner, the whole house of cards collapsed.

That was the worst moment in my life. From then on, I kept fainting and falling on the floor, hurting myself! – Not that bad so far! Luckily!

My partner spent hours searching the internet for a way to get help! At this point I have to quickly say thank you to him! He is the greatest man I could ever have wished for! The only one who really cared for what has happened to me! Unfortunately, my family didn’t really care when I had told them about it at the beginning of this year!

He and Ilona saved my life! Because the thoughts of suicide kept growing, too! I didn’t want any of that anymore! I didn’t want to feel the pain anymore! Then he came across Ilona’s website and practically pushed me into it!

In the beginning I was very suspicious and I actually only got involved with it for my partner! AT FIRST!! He was so convinced that this woman can help me that it was almost easy to believe him!

And so, I got involved, got on the plane and flew to Nice! I held on to my queasy feeling until the second when Ilona stood in front of me! I can’t describe it; it was a totally crazy feeling! We greeted each other and immediately a kind of calm settled in me and I knew instinctively “Yes, this woman will help you!” It was blatant, really. But that’s the way it is! This amazing woman helped me! I have absolutely no more emotions about what had happened and feel like reborn!

I can finally breathe deeply again and feel happy!! I can go into the future positively and optimistically again and even now in the present I would never have believed that I would ever feel so good and alive again! Ilona, ​​I’m just so grateful to you for everything! To me you are a heroine!


(translated from German)

This feedback has been shortened. You can read the full text >>here<<  This text contains explicit mention of physical and sexual violence that some readers may find upsetting. Discretion advised.

A. from Frankfurt a. Main, Dentist, 12/20

Abortion, East-West Conflict

At the beginning of the year I contacted Ilona Palucki via email. I got her data from the internet. The termination of a pregnancy was 5 years past. Feelings of guilt in me came to the surface and start to increase. I could hardly think of anything else. Panic attacks. It could not go on like that.

Ilona picked me up from the airport and I immediately had the feeling that the healing work had begun.

The reputable cooperation was characterized by intensive, trustful conversations. The experience was then processed with the help of her deep soul healing work. Very impressive.

Another trauma, the above-mentioned East-West conflict, then became apparent during the work. In my youth my family moved from East to West Germany and everything familiar disappeared. A deep aversion to the foreign had taken hold. The experiences were also removed from the body through the deep soul healing work. I could feel it.

Now I am finally one with my childish self again. All the pieces of the puzzle, including the ones I hadn’t even thought about, are put together. And I feel wonderfully whole and round.

Of course I want to change something in my life still. I still have goals. But I see clearly in that again, have strength. In a peculiar way, my soul has come to rest. Ancient wisdom, skillfully applied.

I should have gone to Ilona much earlier, comes to my mind now. That’s a shame. A free happy soul would have spared me many an experience.

A. from Frankfurt a. Main, Dentist, 12/20

Anonymous, published June ’21

Video-feedback, January ’21, two months after treatment. (Effect remains until today, 9 months later, June ’21)

Transcript English

I am 29.

You received the Palucki Method in the beginning of November 2020. How long is that ago?

Almost 2 months.

What was the situation for which you were seeking help?

I will see really traumatized and I also had several diagnoses. I had an eating disorder, I have also injured myself, I have suffered a very awesome from suicidal thinking, also ahead Panic attacks, partially I couldn’t even leave the house due to all the fears. Actually, a normal life wasn’t really possible for me anymore. Actually, I have only just battled myself into work and into university and that was it. There was actually no quality of life. Then there were physical things adding on to this, I was diagnosed with an epilepsy, I had many food intolerances and wasn’t able to eat things to an extend.

Had you already done treatments before and how long?

Yes, since I was 16, I was basically continuously in therapeutic and psychiatric treatment. Almost every year I was in psychiatry for longer times, sometimes in locked ward. These were these were stays from two weeks after six months. I also did a behavioral therapy. Also, in-patient trauma therapy. But all this has always only stabilized just a bit.

What did you work on with the Palucki Method and how?

We have mainly worked with the traumas. We had done very detailed anamnesis first. Ilona had focused on the most important aspects. It was mainly about the early childhood injuries and also the things in my youth, because I moved into a children’s home and also the entire story after that. Actually, we looked at my entire life’s story together. We looked at connections, what is related to what. Yes, and then we have worked through that bit by bit during the healing work.

What were the underlying traumatic experiences?

My dad has beaten me very often and put me into confinement. He chased me and also always threatened to kill me. I had no backing in the family. My mother was not there for me either. She has actually rather increased the heat. Also, with my siblings the contact was not so tight actually. There was no support for anything I did, there was no backing. I was completely alone and exposed to everything that happened.

How long did you work together? 

We have worked for 10 days.

What has happened in you through the Palucki Method?

Already just through the breathing, we had started with the breathing… there I had already noticed how a space started to develop… I have sensed for the first time that… even I… have a kind of space! And that there is also a lot of security (alternative translation: ‘certainty’ from German ‘Sicherheit’; note from the editor). And then a lot of fears were suddenly gone. Already during the work I never had fear and actually always had trust. Through the breathing, I was always able to feel it distinctly. And a lot has already become better. After each session I felt always totally relieved. It was always a huge relief. I had also felt feelings of happiness and like a fundamental sense of trust. I also always knew exactly that the trauma had just gone… that, what we had processed… that the trauma was just gone. I have really felt that. It was like a huge burden that was suddenly gone. I also knew that it’s not coming back… just gone.

How can one feel that a trauma is gone?

For me it’s a little miracle in fact. I can’t completely trace it. You just work through each single theme and sort of process it  and you realize that all the symptoms that belong to it are suddenly just gone somehow. I mean I have also lost my eating disorder. It’s just somehow completely gone. And also, my fears – as soon as the trauma was gone all the things that belong to it were just gone as well. Like I said, I can’t really describe it, it was just like a miracle. Like a rebirth almost… a new life somehow… freedom without all of the ballast.

What about the other symptoms you have mentioned earlier?

The anxiety is significantly less. I have no problems of leaving the house anymore. It’s a bit of a pity with corona, I wasn’t able to try two participate in m ass events, but I would like to try it and I think it’s not going to be a problem anymore. I have become more self-sufficient, more confident, I can decide things on my own, take care of all the stuff on my own. I have much more energy, also because I’m much more relaxed. I don’t have to worry so much anymore… it’s just possible that I can take care of things. The eating disorder is completely gone. I always had phases of anorexia. It’s completely gone. I gained 8 kilos of weight and still feel very well in my body. Yes, everything is different. I can feel my body entirely. And that gives me a lot of confidence, also in my day-to-day life

You had mentioned some other symptoms earlier?

The pressure to self-mutilate I don’t have at all since then (laughs). No more cramp attacks. If I get any kind of panic or anything, I can take care of it by myself quite quickly, because now I… I’m using the breathing for it as well. But I am also thinking very different now. I can think much more positively now and can react much more quickly. I realize quite early ‘when I think this, then that will happen’. I can just intervene and transform it positively and then I succeed relatively quickly to get back to the right track and that I can help myself quickly.

Following to work together on site, there is two months of post treatment care. What happens there?

It is very important to have this post treatment care. You really come back completely changed. You have also done bodywork. Even that already… you move completely different; the people suddenly react to you differently. My environment perceives me differently. I perceive my environment differently as well. Before I didn’t know what it’s like to lead a regular life, because I was actually always ill, always burdened actually. In the beginning it was really important for me that Ilona was there for me. She explained to me that it is completely normal that sometimes one is nervous. Because I immediately was afraid that it will be just like before again, but that wasn’t the case. I just had to learn what it means to lead a regular life. For that reason, this companionship was just really important …that there is someone who has experienced that with you, because it is really crazy to achieve such success in such a short amount of time… that you just have someone that accompanies you, because no one else can understand that. In my environment I often come across people that just don’t want to believe it. … but that’s the way it is. Well, I couldn’t believe it myself in the beginning. (laughs)

When something else appears, you can still… we have worked a few times together, did the method together… after it, it was OK again. I had a small backlash, because I had a contact with my sister, which was quite straining and which had set me back a bit. Then we had worked a few times together and pretty quickly I came back to the point as it was when I came back from France.

In your case even physical problems have disappeared along the trauma healing?

Yes, and I feel really healthy in my body. Yes… there’s actually nothing (laughs). I can eat everything, can do everything, I am fit, I have energy. I actually don’t have any illnesses, no inexplicable pains. I am much more relaxed, the body is much more relaxed, not so uptight and tense.

Are you a different person now?

I’m not a completely different person, but I certainly have been gifted with a new life. Certainly that. Much more positive, much more free, yeah, without pain….

Feedback for I. Palucki, from R.F., 27, May 19, 2021, Frankfurt

The deep soul healing work goes beyond the mind and intellect. Many things are changing, but you don’t notice it at first, even though it already feels really good right after the work.  Traumas are resolved, the madness in you comes to an end, you feel yourself.

The feedbacks are true. Mrs. I. Palucki is so busy that she just couldn’t write all these reports herself. She works with dedication, real interpersonal encounters. During the healing work, she manages to become the closest intimate because she understands and, through experience, brings and shares an inconceivably large amount of knowledge. She is honest, positively affirmative and loving, in the strict sense of healing.

During this time I was able for the first time to truely grasp / emotionally comprehend / realise fundamental things about being human. Dear Ilona, thank you

Feedback for I. Palucki, from R.F., 27, May 19, 2021, Frankfurt

Anonymous – Belgium

As a child, I experienced severe sexual violence and physical abuse, which resulted in a complex post-traumatic stress disorder and a dissociative state.

From an early age I had lived with fear, shame, and a cloud of depressions. The physical symptoms are as follows: back pain, headache and neck pain. My resilient nature has taken me far in life, but since the birth of my children, the symptoms of my post-traumatic stress have increased significantly. I found it almost impossible to do my daily chores and my work that I really enjoy. I had a heavy cloud of sadness over my head that I couldn’t dispel. Life was a daily struggle. I drift away from thoughts, movies, flashbacks and haven’t had the ability to turn them off. I lived in the past and couldn’t see the beauty of the present through the cloud of mist.

Since my treatment and visit to Ilona, ​​I can say that I am one with my body, my soul and my spirit. My being represents my authentic self. The traumas have disappeared and will never grasp me again. I am reborn, I woke up and I have become my authentic self. I no longer live in my head and I no longer suffer from any of the symptoms described above, I am free to be myself. The Palucki Method is extremely effective and has changed my life.

Anonymous – Belgium

G.U., CEO, Berlin

Ilona Palucki is an amazing leadership personality herself, with great empathy, skill and professionalism in her field. It was hence easy for me to open up with her during this very deep and emotional process of healing work, and trust her guidance, expertise and in-depths understanding of the human emotional and energetic fabric. Since my healing process with Ilona, I truly feel as if my life has received a reset. As the saying goes: Take the lessons, but leave the burden behind. What I considered difficult moments in my life, no longer burden and influence me. I now feel much lighter, calmer and more self confident. New events can become learning points for my inner strength and wisdom. I love about the work and the method Ilona has developed that it takes you far beyond your mind, and lets you truly heal, not only understand. And it shows in every day life – in my professional leadership journey, with my team, my family and personal relationships. I am at peace with my past and I am far more myself and confident to create my future. 

G.U., CEO, Berlin

Heike B., Berlin; Dream, Arisen After The Healing Work

Last night I met my mother in a dream. She was facing me, an arm’s length away from me. Her hair was dark brown and fell over her shoulders. It was as long as my own. Her eyes were golden. Never I had seen my mother so beautiful.

“Child,” she said.

I couldn’t remember her ever calling me ‘child’.

“Yes,” I said. “I am your child, Heike.”

“Nice that you are standing here with me,” she said. “And not over there anymore.”

Her arm pointed behind me. I turned around. The grassy area at my feet sloped gently towards the pale blue horizon. The break-off edge wasn’t that far away. Maybe a strong stone’s throw. From the depths, from a great distance, came the muffled roar of the waves that ate their way into the foot of the cliff.

“There I was?” I asked. “There on the precipice?”

“Yes. There you stood. There on the edge, ”she said. “And I couldn’t reach you.”

I was silent for a moment.

“Why not?” I asked then. “Why couldn’t you take me away from there?”

Wordlessly she pointed in the opposite direction, behind her. Her gaze stayed on my face. My gaze slipped past her. It followed her gesture.

Only now did I notice that we were standing at the highest point of the landscape. All around us, the gray-green sward fell off in all directions. As my gaze wandered over the scene like the headlights of a lighthouse, my pupils widened. We stood on a small plateau, high above the troubled sea. The break line of the cliff was all around us, nowhere further away than a powerful stone’s throw. Behind: ocean and sky, stretched out to infinity. For a brief moment I felt dizzy.

My mother was still pointing behind her.

“There’s nothing there, mom,” I said. “There is only the abyss. Like everywhere around us.“ “Werner is over there”, she said. “Do you see? I couldn’t get to you. I had to always stay within shouting distance of him.”

“There’s nobody there”, I said. “Dad jumped a long time ago.”

“That can’t be” she said slowly into the silence that followed my words. “I can feel him in my back.”

An impulse came flying, paradoxical, urgent: to laugh, to make the air vibrate, to swirl her hair, to shake her rigid stance.

“Dad left us years ago, mom,” I said. “Have you never turned around? I saw him jump. I was thirteen then. “

There was silence again.

“Have you never turned around?” I repeated. “Have you never looked to see if he’s still there?”

Her big golden eyes looked at me.

“How could I have turned around, child,” she said. “I had to keep an eye on you. You on your side of the precipice.”

We were silent for a long time. Just stood there, in front of each other, at the most exposed point on the island. Around us, a stone’s throw away, the breaking line high above the wild, cold water of the ocean, which ate from all sides on the rock foundation. Your golden eyes, my silver ones. Your dark hair, mine light under the sky. Her widened gaze. My widened gaze, which took in and reflected hers. Her widened gaze, which took in and reflected mine.

I’m sorry, child, she said.

I heard it even though her lips didn’t move.

It doesn’t matter anymore, I said.

I saw in her eyes that she heard it, even though my lips didn’t move.

The silky blue sky fell softly on us. The roaring sea retreated behind the horizon. At the same moment the green plateau sank, widened, melted in all directions, exhaling rolling hills and calm valleys.

Goodbye, mom, I said without a word. Goodbye, my child, she said without a word.

We parted. Each of us in their direction.

Even as I woke up, I felt the smile on my lips.

Le Luc 02/03/2021

C. /Lower Saxony

Dear Ilona,

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for our intensive work together! You gave me a new life! My life in the shadows is over! After 29 years I can finally get relief and live!

I came to you at the end of my tether, completely desperate and so far removed from a life worth living that I actually no longer existed. My life was not only an anchorless, endless struggle, it was also a torture. After countless stints at hospitals and psychiatries, I “went through” another therapy unsuccessfully again when I came across your homepage. I read the feedbacks of your clients and thought to myself: this can’t be?! This is too good to be true!! And then I gathered my courage and wrote to you.

From the first moment we met I was convinced that you were the only person who could help me and I immediately felt hope. How you explained your work, it was completely logical and understandable for me. I had absolutely no doubts and unconditional trust! Now I just had to hold out until I could finally travel to you.

You are an unconditionally warm and open person and radiate so much positive and calming energy. You always asked if I felt safe about how I was doing and if I needed anything. During our first conversations and the anamnesis I felt understood for the first time and you, dear Ilona, ​​showed me a respect that nobody had given me before.

I was unstable, I didn’t feel understood by my private and professional environment and my complaints were obviously no longer being taken seriously. Since the age of 16 I suffered from mental illnesses, and in the last few years there have also been more and more physical conditions. I was in constant high tension. I was trembling, always nervous and very scared. My life consisted of constantly relieving myself of the tension and “distracting” myself in order to avoid “worse”… My “diagnosis register” got bigger and bigger. Borderline personality disorder, complex post-traumatic stress disorder, various phobias, psychogenic seizures, epilepsy, dissociation. I could hardly tolerate food. I had permanent diarrhea, stomach cramps and nausea for over half a year. I had to make extremely restrictive changes to my diet for myself, I could only tolerate a few foods. My tongue often burned like hell as soon as I came in contact with food. I got the diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome, but received no further medical assistance. I suffered from nausea and pressure in my throat for years. With the fear of vomiting, I avoided crowds at some point. I was scared of vomiting in public. During a lecture, a meeting, in the cinema, in a restaurant, on the bus, while shopping … I slowly developed agoraphobia and at times couldn’t leave the house. If I did, it was associated with extreme fears.

I didn’t feel a part of life. I saw the world as if through a gray veil which hardly let any light pass through. “Outside” was real life that I just couldn’t be part of and I couldn’t see myself to be ever a part of it. It seemed natural for everyone else to sing, dance, laugh, meet their obligations, celebrate, … none of that was possible for me and it triggered infinite sadness in me. I was trapped in a cage. I barely felt my body, almost only when inflicting pain on myself. When I walked I felt like I was flying – flying away. I thought of myself more of as a burden to others and that I had no right to exist.

Ilona, ​​you taught me to breathe, encouraged me to trust myself to breathe. And after just a few breaths, things started to change. I suddenly felt a space in me. A space that I can trust that is always there. Me.  At first it was exhausting. After even just learning your breathing method, a lot had already changed for the better! In an incredibly short amount of time my body integrated the new breathing more and more and became more natural and in flow.

With seriousness and enormous sensitivity you immediately recognized the direct connections between my sensitivities and problems and my life’s story.

In my childhood and youth I was exposed to psychological and physical violence without protection. My father hunted me like an animal. I was neglected and free personal development was prevented and destroyed over and over again. My mother humiliated me and told my teachers, our neighbors, my classmates … how “evil” I was and that it was me who was to blame for everything. My childhood / adolescence was marked by fear of death. After I escaped my family and was placed in a youth home, I ended up blaming myself for my family being “destroyed”. I felt responsible for the misery in my parents ‘and siblings’ lives.

With your special breathing technique I knew that I am always in control and I always felt safe and protected. The expected massiveness of emotions did not show up – it did not overwhelm me. I was able to let go of my traumas in forgiveness and peace within a few days. Now there are only pictures, without emotions. Every day I became more liberated and stronger!

Most of the conditions directly resolved alongside. My diarrhea disappeared immediately and after a few days I started to be able to eat almost anything I felt like. My appetite came back and the desire to eat – to enjoy the food! The pressure in my throat has also dissolved, I clearly felt that. My inner tension and restlessness were suddenly gone. I’m getting braver and braver and my constant fear has decreased significantly and is still getting less. My muscles are more relaxed and thus a lot of pain and tension have passed. It all happened so quickly that you can’t even grasp it and actually have to realize it first. All the pain, all the suffering has in fact come to an end!

When I got home I was amazed. I have a completely new feeling. A carefree, lively and curious feeling. I feel love for myself and for my life. I finally perceive my environment (which was once so threatening to me) and have stopped hiding. I can finally enjoy the nice little things and moments. I am completely calm. I am no longer afraid of myself and have gained great respect for myself. I have found peace and look to my future with optimism, full of confidence and strength!

In the last few days with you, we worked with my body (body work). You have an ineffable experience and knowledge in this area as well. It may be little things that ultimately unfolded enormously. Also in an incredibly short amount of time. And it is possible because you are always extremely focused and know where, how and when to move a lever. You are authentic and competent. Throughout all of your outstanding work as well as a personality! My whole body has straightened up and lets me feel my strength even more. I am present and feel my entire body and it is beautiful! My facial features have changed, they are softer, the sadness in my eyes is gone, they have become much more open and brighter. I feel very comfortable and beautiful in my body. This is a completely new feeling for me, I have always viewed and treated my body as an enemy.

And yes: This reads as unbelievable – but that’s exactly what it is! Everything is as described in the client feedbacks! You have seen me as a human being, with dignity and respect, the way I really am. You have led me into a new life as an equal at eye level. “Finally, I can continue with university as I have wanted!” – “Finally, I can pursue my professional goals the way I wanted!”

C. /Lower Saxony

Tanja,  Lüneburg

One and a half years after the Palucki Method, video-feedback.

Transcript English

What was the situation for which you were seeking help

It had all started quite early. I had not acknowledged it at that time. At the age of 25, however it began to limit my life. So, we are talking about mild panic attacks, anxiety attacks, I didn’t like to drive a car anymore, I didn’t like to leave the house anymore, I didn’t like to meet people anymore, I continued to limit myself more and more so much that eventually I didn’t leave the house anymore at all, lost friends, lost my work …and I never knew where this came from.

Had you already done treatments before?

I tried many things. I tried classic talk therapy, behavioral therapy… all that during the time when I was still sometimes leaving the house. But nobody  did… well, I don’t want to say ‘not take me seriously’ – but you were quickly out of the office or out of the practice again… the typical experience: you go there, you have those 45 minutes, you talk about yourself, and then the other person looks at you and asks: “So, how are you feeling now?” So that you think: “Hm, yeah, you could tell me perhaps, how I could possibly feel!”  But well then this was only bearing  short-term fruits. Then I started with hypnosis therapy, very for a very long time, almost…  I had the people come here in regular intervals, because I had already stopped to go outside and… well, these were always only like short-term effects, helping only short term… basically, just hanging in until the next appointment and then it continued.

How long did you get treatment?

If you look at it all together… of course, I had some breaks in between, where it was a little better  and then it got worse again… it was an up-and-down for me, half a year it went well, another year it didn’t. So, overall, about 10 years before I met Ilona Palucki.

Did you know what was the source of these symptoms?

Yes and no. I had a suspicion once – I had to deal with a lot of loss, but that there was a direct connection there and that this was also a very big core of it… and especially also in interpersonal relationships and also in partnerships… that that where the decisive points… I was not aware of to that extent, no. I was always looking for the ‘why’, but you can’t find that. I tell you honestly, you can’t find that. I have always been looking for the ‘one’ reason, but it is the mass of experience that had made this out of me.

Had you been diagnosed with trauma?

No, I was just always told you have fears of loss… and you just have to live with that… and that It would be normal that people are ceasing from life. I mean we are not talking about – well there is not enough time today to get into it – we are not talking about one event of death here, like that only grandma had died. I had lost 14 beloved human beings! Among that my best friend. She has died in an absolutely severe traffic accident and I have found her in the early morning. I have seen her just five minutes before and had waved at her. She was in the car while I was waiting at the bus stop for my ride share and 10 minutes later, she was dead. And I have taken all of that with me. Again, there is not really the time to get into details here, but a lot has happened. In the therapies and the following years, they always let me talk about it, that’s right, but there was no one who told me, how I can get rid of that.

How did it continue?

Then I started to inform myself how I could get rid of this. I have read many books, but this has never helped… and then incidentally, I stumbled upon Ilona Palucki’s website in the internet. But I have looked at that website for one or two years, to be honest, because I could never imagine that those success stories – the accounts of people’s experiences, which where on that site at that point… that this could be true. So, I have looked at that until eventually my condition has gotten so bad – I had also lost a lot of weight and couldn’t leave the house anymore at all, not for shopping, not even for the mailbox – so that one day I took all my courage and wrote an email.

How did the treatment go?

I had to take a lot of courage that day (when we started) and approached her and then it (anxiety) evaporated within two minutes, because I thought there is a haven of tranquility where I can lean on and then we went into the work. The first session was glaring (smiles), was really glaring, because you don’t know what to expect. So, then she explained it and we went into the breathing, very slowly and very gently also, not like stress-stress and certainly no glances at the clock, like as if we have to get it all done in 10 minutes. And yeah, after the first time there was already a different feeling. Yes, it was different, it was really different.

How long did the treatment go altogether?

Ms. Palucki was here for eight days.* We have worked every day twice. We met regularly. When we went into the breathing, I still had a bit of respect each time, but it got better each time and what I have experienced there… is difficult to describe. Perhaps I can explain briefly… when we went into the story with my mother it was like as if things were coming out from my belly and leaving. Interestingly, since then I have no more stomach-aches. It’s just gone! The funniest thing that we found was about my hair. I had always knots in my hair. I could do whatever, but nothing helped …expensive conditioner etc. I was downstairs showering and then I went back to her that evening and told her: “You won’t believe it, I was able to comb my hair just now!” It’s incredible, it’s stayed like that eversince, it’s incredible! No more knots!

* Note from the editor: After the time together on site, each client receives 2 months of post-treatment coaching calls by phone/skype. 

How many traumas or themes were there?

There were seven traumas that we uncovered bit by bit. We started with the one that was the easiest for me and then I increased. One was covered underneath it all which I didn’t know at all. I thought about it for a while: “Shall I mention this theme or not?” Ms. Palucki has seen that and asked me: “Something is still on your mind, isn’t it?” I said: “Yes, there is a very special theme, a relationship-theme which I hadn’t seen as a trauma.” I hadn’t seen that as so severe that it could have had such consequences for my life. I didn’t know that. So, we took it on and it was also incredible, I must say.

When we were through… I used to always have a lot of strength in my body… in my legs, not in my arms, but in my legs… previously, I was in athletics, gymnastics, I was in the pre-selection for the Olympics… and suddenly the strength came back to my legs. It started to tingle… the muscles… and since then I have tilting stability once again! I stand with both legs in my life again! It sounds so silly, but it is true! And I would have never thought that this trauma has put a lid on all this! … and since then… well… happy! It’s the only thing I can say. I have really gotten rid of all this for good! I can talk about it now without tearing up, without feeling unwell… amazing! Yes.

It is now 1 1/2 years since your treatment. In what way have your strains changed?

The treatment is uncovering many layers in you and in addition is continuing to work inside of you, meanwhile you are not fully aware of that. I mean honestly, I wasn’t telling myself every day for one and a half years: “Now you have to exercises this!” It just continues to process by itself, somewhere, I don’t know where, in the brain, wherever. And the effect is that I have just gotten calmer inside, my whole body has calmed down. I can do things like… just eating something, what I feel like eating, I don’t overthink that anymore.

I just go out and about, go for a walk, and I don’t think about it:  “Is an attack coming? Is no attack coming? Are you able to make it back home?” One sleeps differently, one eats differently, one walks differently, one is calmer. You know, through this method, through this breathing, through this purging that goes through the entire body… this really does a lot for you. I can only say things have gotten more relaxed, even though not everything may work out perfectly just yet, but that is also my own process, of course. But the traumas are completely gone!

How do you exemplify that the traumas are gone?

Because I can talk about it without breaking down. I remember the first time talking to Ilona Palucki on Skype. I was very motivated in the beginning, very tough. I told myself: “We’ll just make an appointment. All good.” It didn’t take me two minutes until I couldn’t speak anymore out of crying, out of anger, out of fears of loss, all I touched upon briefly with her. Now, we could discuss the entire list that she noted down that filled several pages without me walking with a stick afterwards. That is my experience. That does a lot. That really does a lot! I can move around in my family easier and more freely. In case we talk about these things sometime I don’t break down inside. I don’t look for the escape door for flight. Before, when I got triggered – how I used to call it – I just took on the flight. I just said I would have to go shopping or do something important, because I just wanted to get away from the subject.

How did your symptoms change?

They have really decreased to a minimum. I didn’t have one single severe panic attacks since then. Sometimes, I step on the brakes, but this is just purely me, it’s not about the method, because sometimes I cannot realize that it’s over. That I could just go visit Ilona by car for example (2000 km distance; note of the editor). There I sometimes limit myself a bit, but I do that myself. But it’s just that you have your feeling of freedom back. When I go shopping it’s just not present anymore. You don’t think about whether you are getting another attack at the cashier. Or “look, the cashier looks at me so weirdly, they all probably see what’s going with me.” – All of that is over.

Also, the interaction in my relationship has become completely different. We are meeting on level playing field. We can talk to each other in a different way, because I am not as anxious anymore.

Are you a different person now?

I can’t really say that. I believe I’m still in the finding process and I believe I am now becoming that what I perhaps always wanted to be, but have never been able to live because of traumas, because of my education, which was like it was, and because I have always limited myself in life, because I thought: “It’s all so important! Only family! You must, you must, you must be there for everybody and do everything and give everything!” …and… No! I was taught better in those eight days! And only in eight days, I want to point out here once again. You know. (laughs)

M. Kassel, 26.10.20

I am 34 years old and suffered psychological abuse in my childhood for many years. We were constantly yelled at and humiliated by our mother. My brother and I were psychologically in a state of neglect. The worst fears were triggered! Most of the time, we were alone and on our own with all our fears, especially at night!

My real dad got extremely badmouthed when my parents split – we were just 3 and 1 years old. My mother wanted us to be adopted by the stepfather. When I was 5 and my brother 3, we had come with our mother to Germany from Serbia. For 8 years we had to suffer from brutalities, assaults and beatings of the stepfather until the divorce occurred.

I felt inferior and dull, felt constantly humiliated, guilty, and like under a bell jar, stiff and isolated, not ‘right’! I had a lot of guilt about everyone!

Powerlessness has accompanied my life until now. I felt dead, had no zest for life. Mother screamed and humiliated us, intrigued behind my back with friends and acquaintances and refused all my friends.

I was full of doubts about people and I was very afraid of becoming like my mother.

What I was able to experience at Ilona is beyond my imagination. Fortunately! Our thoughts are our limits. Here I was allowed to learn to expand them to the horizon and, who knows, much further. I learned to self-love, self-accept, I got to know beauty, forgiveness and freedom – and all of this is in my bag now for my I return.

I wish all people deep healing, forgiveness and full recovery. Healthy person, healthy earth, beautiful sayings, the truth of which you can meet here if you want. I learned to walk and now I walk!

Thank you Ilona! Thank You – really! So fortunate that our paths have crossed. I have tried a lot in my life: psychotherapy, psych-K, hypnosis, yoga, ayahuasca, shamanism, and of course repressing and to straighten myself up again, but nothing has helped me. Ilona’s method catapulted me from 0 to 100 in a short time, made me so happy and went so deep. I was in doubt and didn’t believe in anything anymore.

By chance I had discovered Ilona’s method on an online forum, but postponed it for 3 years, because I thought I could manage it another way.

Dear Ilona, ​​you walked the steps to the gate to the world with me. You showed me how to knock and what to do. Now the gate has opened for me.

Thank you for your encompassing and deep company. Thank you for your corrections, thoughtwise, physically and psychologically! I am in deep trust with you as a person and your work.

M. Kassel

(translated from German)

Jenny, 31 years / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

I had experienced sexual abuse by my brother. The abuse stayed with me until I was with Ilona Palucki.

I also experienced physical and psychological abuse, humiliation, and physical abuse from my mother until I was 16 years old. She took her aggression out on me. Then she kicked me out of the apartment when I was 16. From then on I had to live alone.

“You can’t do anything!” “You are nothing!” were the sentences that accompanied me through my childhood.

But the worst part was that I could not develop love for my little daughter, 15 months old. I couldn’t even love myself. I wanted to give her everything that I didn’t have myself.

6 weeks after my stay with Ilona Palucki, I can now say: I love my daughter and I can let her feel it. I am very grateful for that, very glad.

I felt very comfortable and welcomed by her, she managed to resolve these injuries from my childhood within 4 days. That also saved me a stay in the clinic, which I was strongly advised to do.

Jenny, 31 years / Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

(translated from German)

Felix, Bavaria

I am glowing!

I am 32 years old, male! Since childhood my adoption has been preying on my mind. I was given away right after birth, for reasons unknown to me. Very cold and loveless, as my adoption broker explained to me. I just wanted to find my roots.

I have never found a reason for it, even though I had searched for it so desperately. Nightmares over nightmares all my life, even though I have such wonderful and adorable parents. I could never have wished for more.

Nevertheless: Anger and self-doubt were my daily companions until 6 weeks ago, especially at night along with recurrent bad dreams of not being accepted, not being loved and being rejected. Panic even during the day. Everyday life became more and more difficult. in 5 years I hadn’t dared to sleep in my own bed and instead stayed on my sofa. I had done everything I could to avoid falling asleep and avoiding nightmares, which did not work!

At some point I took drugs to suppress the constant self-doubt.

Although I did not want it, I had always tried to destroy my surroundings with brutal force. I almost managed to accomplish that.

The daily despair of my parents almost drove me crazy.

Despite years of therapies and treatments since childhood and various diagnoses from psychiatrists, such as ADHD, I am more and more desperate. Because nobody could help me, I finally tried to commit suicide in order to finally find peace.

As a really last attempt, my mother took up a recommendation that she passed on to me. This finally led me completely exhausted (on the verge of madness) to Ilona Palucki. Then Corona intervened so that it had to be postponed. Ilona already supported me during the crisis so that I could hold out until we could eventually drive there.

We worked in the morning, at noon and in the evening for 10 days. From the first moment I felt fully understood, the basic basis for improvements, to be able to let go of this subject of adoption, which is so stressful for me, in absolute peace, to lovingly say goodbye to my attempted suicide, to other bad experiences as well, and to very slowly lay a new foundation stone for me to be developed together with Ilona.

Finally I can show my parents from the bottom of my heart every day anew that the topic of adoption is history! I have already forgotten it!

6 weeks after the start of the treatment, now I go into the future together with my surroundings full of enthusiasm and rediscovery every day. Finally I take responsibility for myself with joy, and feel every day anew what it means to outgrow yourself.

Fortunately, I have 2 months of aftercare so that I can really come to Ilona with many questions and it continues to stabilize me every day. I thank her every day.

Felix, Bavaria

(translated from German)


I felt very bad the 15 years before I went to Ilona for treatment.

I have been exposed to pressure from my narcissistic mother more and more during these years and felt defenseless against it. I then had respiratory illnesses for years and my immune system hardly reacted anymore, as well as dizziness, concentration problems, inner restlessness, hip problems and sciatica, emotional changes, diffuse fears and panic. After that came the lack of strength for years, a condition similar to burnout as well as constant infections of the sinuses, bronchi and lungs. I suffered from constant circles of thought about my mother and the entangled family situation. I hardly had any strength left to take care of our own children and work. A few years ago I quit my job because I was constantly sick.

In the end I hardly had the courage to continue like this and I kept pulling back. I also had no understanding from my fellow human beings about the situation with my mother. Nobody could have guessed how insidiously her attacks hit me and how skillfully she tried to steal my mind with gaslighting – again and again she twisted facts and situations to make me think that I am crazy and there is something wrong with me.

Then she very cleverly incited my father, brother, husband and my own children against me, so that I vegetated lonely for years.

After the trauma therapy at Ilona, ​​I am now beginning to develop new perspectives for the future.

I am no longer in contact with my mother because I no longer want to take her humiliations and I no longer see myself as a victim of the things that are happening around me, but instead I see new ways how I can solve them for me.

The treatment was a real relief for me. Every day, I felt more liberated from all the suffering and noticed how great it is when you sort every individual feeling in the body and let it calm down.

The thought of circling around my mother has completely vanished, now my thoughts are about the here and now.

The thoughts I am now focusing on are about finding good solutions for the future and getting ahead as a result of that.

Now, I no longer put up with the fact that other people devalue me. Never again, I want to get into the victim role, I’ve been in for so long.

Now, I can make clear decisions. This is possible, because all of the fogginess, that previously existed, has disappeared.

I feel healthy and clear, I want to work again and enjoy my life. The tension is gone, my hip pain has disappeared and I want to surround myself with people who are good for me.

After breathing therapy I feel completely free from all negative feelings that have dominated my day –  such as fear, panic, sadness, anger and despair. All of these feelings have calmed down as a result of the treatment. Now I can put away what has happened as a past that no longer upsets me emotionally, which creates a lot of space for new things.

I am fascinated by the breathing technique that Ilona uses and the resulting success. This has brought me much further in the processing than all previous therapies such as EMDR, hypnosis therapy, behavior therapy, family constellations, etc.


(translated from German)

Christina Helgevold/ Norway

Review 15.05.20

In February I spent 14 days with Ilona in France.

I have had some challenges in my life, various traumas, especially sexual abuse, and became sicker and sicker both physically and mentally. I have been diagnosed as depression, bipolar disorder, Crohn’s syndrome, ulcerative colitis, have had tendonitis in both shoulders, twice blood clots in the legs, fatty liver, gastroparesis, food allergies, celiac disease etc.

It all peaked in the spring of 2018, when I failed to keep me on my feet. I was so weak and out of shape that I couldn’t eat or stand upright. At the same time my stomach was swollen so I looked pregnant. After a lot of tests and doctor visits, I was diagnosed with Systemic Sclerosis / Scleroderma. This is an autoimmune disease, and the body was full of inflammation after years of physical and mental stress. Of course I was in despair, but also determined to recover.

I also got death anxiety, and had frequent anxiety attacks that were extremely exhausting. Chronic abdominal pain and dizziness made me spend most of the day in bed.

After about a year of bed, I got in touch with Ilona Palucki. I talked to her on Skype and she thought she could help me. I booked a stay and traveled in mid-February 2020

She welcomed me to the airport, and at her house I got to stay in a cozy apartment in her house. We started working on Ilona’s method the next day. There were 2-3 “sessions” every day ahead, with a rest day in between. It was tiring while it was on, but so incredibly well worth it.

I came home in late February and must say that the anxiety attacks are gone – the trauma is gone!

If I occasionally felt anxiety, then it was just breathing as I had learned, so I soon discovered that the trauma was gone.

Gradually, the physical tensions in the body began to disappear. The night’s sleep got better, and now I sleep all night without waking. The energy comes back, and most days I have no need to rest anymore.

I can eat more food and the dizziness is almost completely gone. The mood gets better and better every single day, I can laugh again and enjoy life.

During the heaviest periods, I asked in the evening to die in my sleep, because I could not live anymore. After the healing work that addressed this issue these feelings were gone at once and they didn’t come back.

I still get good follow-up of Ilona, ​​and we talk about once a week on the phone. I also know that I can call her at any time if I need to.

I thank Ilona for giving me my life back! I still see progress every single day, and I’m sure I’ll be 100% healthy again.

I highly recommend a stay with her!

With love and gratitude,

Christina Helgevold/ Norway

Addition 10.6.20:   It is 3 1/2  months later now and I just received results from testing the blood, liver and kidneys: before, the values were alarming. They are all fine now!*

*physiological health may improve after our treatment of trauma, but there is no guarantee nor promise. (Note from the editor)

Anja, 44, Hamburg

Dear Ilona,

I would like to say a few words about my stay and the work with you.

Firstly, as a big thank you to you for lovingly guiding me and accompanying me on my way. And then, to encourage people who have suffered deep injuries like me to take this step.

There is a solution and there is a way to dissolve and let go of what has been experienced, no matter how terrible, so that your pure self, your potential, can appear free of stress and may unfold.

Everyone who comes to Ilona has not only “a” problem, “a” pattern, “a” trauma. Everyone brings a whole bundle with them, and so did I. And I’m so happy because I came with a desire to solve my deepest problem that I felt completely powerless to do alone since childhood, but went with so much more.

Now after the treatment, it feels like I’ve completely erased my brain. The surface that developed is mirror-like, and when I look into it, I only see myself, without anything that pulls and tugs. Spaces have arisen in and around me. They are empty, clear and pure, pure freedom! For the first time I can simply be myself, an indescribable and, above all, new feeling!

I had severe pain in my foot, hip and back for 10 years. They have completely disappeared in the foot and hips, the back is almost symptom-free, and when I walk with the new posture I feel as well as I have only known from intensive meditation before. It is crazy, I go and have to smile, simply because of the fact that I feel this “pleasure”. And we managed to do this with only 2 days of body work, even though my orthopedic surgeon told me at the time: “It has been yours from birth, you will have to live with the pain”. Nothing I have to do, no more. How liberating!

Another new body feeling is that of relaxation. In the past, it sometimes took me hours – or tablets – to fall asleep. Today, three breaths of deep breathing are enough, and I can’t get any further because I get so relaxed and tired that I can immediately fall asleep peacefully.

My favorite quote from Paolo Coelho: “On the way, maybe it’s not about becoming anything. Maybe it’s about throwing off everything that we are not, so that we can be what we are meant to be.”

… to throw off everything that we are not … I am NOT: fear, pain, grief, lack of awareness, chaos, discouragement, disgust, fainting. Because all of these are emotions, sensitivities and behavior patterns that have arisen in me at some point from what I have experienced. But I am not all of that.

I am just me, clear, pure, full of joy and light. I walk upright now, my head held high, and I see the horizon and what lies before me with complete freedom and joy.

I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Ilona, ​​for being such a wonderful person and doing this precious work.

I’m so excited to see what is allowed to unfold for me now 

Anja, 44, Hamburg

Amanda S.-N., Bern

Feedback to Ilona Palucki

I had dreamed a term: “Palucki Method”. I googled it and found Ilona on the Internet and wrote her an email:
On 12.12.2019 at 9:21 aman67xxxxx@……. Wrote:

Dear Mrs. Palucki,
driven by the hope for healing and knowing that this can be also possible for me, please contact me. I have experienced abuse and wish nothing more than to finally free my soul from this terrible burden. All the best Amanda S.-N.

Ilona answered me the same day and a few days later we spoke on Skype for the first time. I felt accepted and safe from the first moment on.
When I arrived at Ilona’s in January 2020, I was finished. I was more dead than alive. The few weeks from our first interview to the start of the job were difficult for me to get through. My whole body was plagued by pain, I could hardly sleep, could hardly eat. I was chronically tired and without drive. My inner world was flooded with nightmarish images, which I tried to keep under control with all my might. I had already lost my work, my social environment, and the contact with my own children. What I had left was the stressful relationship with my long-time husband and a little spark of hope for healing-

For a better understanding a brief outline of my history of suffering:
o Born out of wedlock, no contact with the biological father, rejected by the legal father.
o Narcissistically disturbed mother
o Abuse by the grandfather, introduction to pedophile circles
o Abuse by the uncle, forced to participate in rituals of abuse
o Mind control training
o Various rapes during adolescence
o Marriage to a man who was also traumatized
o Rejection by my own children
o Sick leave, diagnosis of fibromyalgia (incurable) and complex post-traumatic stress disorder (proposed to 5-10 years of psychotherapy with dire outlook)

Ilona started working as soon as I arrived. The first thing I noticed: Ilona breathes with the heart. I didn’t have to tell much. Briefly touching down upon the individual stories was enough to give Ilona access to a deep understanding. The breathing technique she taught me gave me complete security at all times of being in control of my inner processes. Then the journey could start. Ilona accompanied me through the depths of my soul. She opened up a room, like a uterus, into which I could birth myself anew again. She was by my side at every moment and almost a part of myself. She was a mother and twin sister at the same time. The breathing technique developed by Ilona is a central part of the healing process. It enabled me to dissolve my terrifying stories and to grow into real forgiveness. It is now proving to be an effective means of coping better with the demands of everyday life and keeping my soul healthy. Equally important was the absolute presence that Ilona maintained throughout the process. Ilona gave me more than genuine sympathy. It was as if she was part of my soul during the healing process. I was not alone. With united forces we detached myselve from the old stories.
It was crucial for the in-depth healing process that Ilona did not focus on just one story in her work. Although the ritual abuse certainly left the greatest wounds, the other stories also have shaped me massively. Ilona worked with me on all of my stories. Intuitively, she ordered them in the right way and arranged all of that into a healthy sequence. With every bit of healing I became braver and stronger and ventured into the next phase more relaxed. After four days I felt clearly: my soul is healed.
Ilona received me and my husband at the same time and worked with him immediately after my treatment. She managed to be entirely on my side and at the same time entirely on his side without any judgment. She encouraged both of us to go through the individual healing process together, but without slowing each other down or even preventing the other one.
Four weeks have now passed. Time for a review. Ilona stays in contact with us. The conversations strengthen me and show me small errors. The connection with her always makes me feel joy and relief. And what else do I have to do? A whole lot. My sleep has improved. But also: I still have a sleep disorder. My digestion is slowly getting going again. The pain is still there. I always have to remind myself: the body takes time. The relationship with my husband is gradually improving. Relationships also take time. But, and this is the most important thing: my soul is healed.

I can best describe this difference with a picture. Imagine a house without windows, just the bare window openings, in a cold winter night. All cold and all darkness stream freely into the room. You try to make a fire in this house to keep yourself warm. All is in vain. It remains cold and dark. Now my house has real windows. On bright days, light fills the room and on cold nights my inner fire keeps me warm. I can take good care of myself.
The four days of deep soul work led me from hopeless despair to a hopeful new start. I thank my inner guidance, I thank life that it led me to Ilona. 

Amanda S.-N., Bern, 18.02.2020


From trauma to psychosomatics to mental health and the joy of life

I didn’t know how to be happy anymore. The past kept closing in on me ever again. Subtle psychological violence in childhood, developed traumas into adulthood, broken relationships, social breakdown and secondary traumas resulted in depression, addiction, guilt and low self-esteem.

From the first moment on our contact was straightforward and with confidence, so I decided to fly to Nice to see Ilona for the first date possible. It was about a month to get there. This time was a challenge for me – the past, which had only recently come up, shook me deeply and was also the reason for my search for help. I want to say that Ilona was there for me from the first moment on and accompanied me until we met in person at the airport in Nice a month later.

When I arrived in Ilona’s house in Le Luc I could feel the energy of this wonderful place. In my apartment there, I was able to find peace, had space and time to let everything work, to reflect, to sleep, to relax, to recharge my batteries.

After taking the medical history on the first day, Ilona and I went through trauma, entanglement, dependency, guilt and responsibility for ten days together.

With Ilona’s help I managed to free myself from suffering, to let go of emotions in connection with trauma, in forgiveness and in love. I have learned anew …
to breathe
to feel
to see
to understand
to maintain posture and to let go
to live and to love again
to nurture my own roots.

I couldn’t believe it myself, from unit to unit, from day to day, even overnight, I felt more and more change, refinement, joy, the motivation to look ahead again.

Our work expanded my HORIZON
Access to insight and acceptance
An access to love and forgiveness
Access to peace, freedom and gratitude
An access to myself, to meaning and love of life
An access to generosity

I want, I decide, I am important …. a new joy of life, a new Me.

Now that I am back home, I find that I perceive the world around me differently. People perceive and approach me differently. I actively take up my space and consciously practice mindfulness.

For me, the breathing method has become a tool that I no longer want to do without. I notice that I take breaks and integrate breathing more and more into everyday life.

After I internalized the breathing technique for the first four days, we turned to body work. The exciting, indeed impressive thing about it for me personally is the mirror of myself that was brought to my attention through the method. I’ve learned to look and accept. The traumatic experiences, the guilt itself and the lack of self-worth had begun to show their traces on me.

My gaze turned away from the side of my heart, my feet were without firm footing. I was twisted from the bottom up and I was not even aware of it until then. My pelvis had collapsed without tension, my head tilted slightly down, my forehead wrinkled. Step by step we went into more detail together and integrated breathing into the movement. I could hardly believe it, I managed to build a new body feeling with breath and mindfulness. In everyday life, I notice when I am short of breath or out of position. The correction enables me to integrate better and better.

It is astonishing how Ilona is able to strengthen one´s personal potential, to believe in oneself again, to trust oneself, to look ahead again, at eye level with the HORIZON.

Dear Ilona,

Thank you for your trust, thank you for your patience, thank you for your understanding
Thank you for your good spirit, your feeling, your view, your words
Thank you for your competence and energy
Thanks for your wisdom

Time with you remains a revelation.

I am very happy that we have found each other and I only wish that your work will help many people to be happy and go upright through life again.

In deep connection

Addendum: It is now 7 weeks later. I decided to move to Norway and start a new life! I’m really looking forward to it!

(translated from German)

Marisa, 29 years, Germany

My experience and feeling was always incomprehensible to me and others.

I almost despaired because I felt so depressed and didn’t know why.

To finally understand, I went on a search and wanted to find the illness, which is the reason for my sadness. I was in psychotherapy and with a variety of doctors for a while. It did not lead to any knowledge. I felt ashamed and under pressure because from the outside I was supposed to be fine but it just wasn’t. I dragged myself through the days and tried to master them and all requirements. It was not a life. In recent years, inner images have appeared several times a day. It was the inappropriate touching of my father and brother from my childhood.

I’ve always told myself that this touching wasn’t appropriate, but that it wasn’t “too bad” either. I never would have thought just how much they influenced me and my feelings! It was only in conversation with Ilona that I was able to name these injuries and I felt immediately accepted by her. I felt safe with her because she perceived me and my diffuse feelings and hadn’t dismissed them as exaggerations.

Only during the deep soul healing work with Ilona I became aware and realized that my mother in a way held me emotionally “captive”. Due to her overprotection and the fact that she (almost) did everything for me as a child and as an adult, always criticized and corrected everything I did, which was never good enough, she completely limited my life skills. She robbed me of the belief in my abilities and made me totally dependent on her. I didn’t dare to do anything, I was hardly able to act and when I was concerned, it had to be absolutely perfect so that nothing could be criticized. So I almost worked myself up to total exhaustion.

When I learned the breathing technique in addition to the deep soul healing work from Ilona, ​​I noticed how a feeling of lightness and joy could be recognized and which was gradually getting stronger and is still growing. A feeling that I had not felt in a long time and which was almost completely forgotten and was now very slowly coming back. I felt choked by the burden of the past. I slowly learned to get air and space again.

It was not clear to me how my experiences held me hostage. Experiences that I always classified as “not so bad”. The changes that I still feel during and after the work are wonderful.

I was basically “buried alive”. Now, after the stay at Ilona’s, ​​I finally feel grown up, feminine, beautiful and can accept myself as I am. I have access to my needs and desires and can begin to live my life. I now have an tool that I can consciously use to tackle challenges. I have the strength to recognize myself, to stand up for myself and to draw boundaries for people or situations that are not good for me.

I’m so glad I found my way to Ilona.

Thank you for your loving and attentive support during my stay and also afterwards!

“I want to encourage everyone to walk this path, accompanied by Ilona!”

Marisa, 29 years, Germany

(translated from German)

D. / Tyrol / Austria

Broken-heart syndrome

10 years suffering from Broken-Heart Syndrome. I had tried so many therapies, 15 infusions for my nerves, depression and nothing got me out of this dilemma! Now I feel freed from a great burden. I did not think that is possible to make something like this happen in the shortest amount of time, within a few days.
You have taken such care of me – Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ilona, for your caring and loving attention!!

D. / Tyrol / Austria

Diana 47 years, physiotherapist and Pilates coach from Hannover

Now my time with Ilona is 5 weeks ago.
I was with her in southern France for eight days. Eight days that were a turning point in my life. I am happy. More about that later.

Honestly, I just could not quite believe it. I could not believe that these traumas could be really gone after those 8 days. Actually, I could not believe that you can get rid of them at all.

They’re gone! Several psychotherapies have not achieved that.

Physically and mentally traumatized from my childhood, I’ve been carrying a heavy load with me all these years. A burden that did allow me to physically and emotionally stand up straight and made me feel depressed. Now I got rid of this weight. I feel that the topics are deleted from “my hard drive”! :)

In those 8 days Ilona felt to attentive to me 150%. Her whole attention was on me. I was able to give myself into her hands with confidence.

The first thing I learned was the breathing technique. This accompanies the entire therapy and this technique remains an important tool in further life. I can and should use it daily. Yes, I have a tool that helps me at all times to cope with stressful situations. It must be said at this point, however: you have to do it. You have to actually use those tools. You have to change something in your life and that is to integrate the learned behavior as a training in your everyday life. There you have tools that – I would rather say “gifts” – that help at any time should you get into “stressful situations”. And now I notice that these “stressful situations” are no longer there. I grew, I healed. In the last few days I have had situations that would have “knocked me down” before the therapy, but is no longer the case. I am clear, self-confident and amaze my fellow human beings. They are experiencing a new Diana.

I find the concept of Ilona totally impressive and unique. It is based on three main pillars. The deep healing work, the body work and the accompaniment in the new day-to-day life. First the mental distress is solved, then it goes into the body-work.

Because only once one is freed from these traumatic legacies, one can truly stand up straight. An approach that also concerns and convinces me as a physiotherapist.

The body-work impressed me a lot as well. Perhaps especially as a physiotherapist. I have felt the changes, to be able to physically raise myself only after the deep soul-healing work. It is a completely new body-feeling based on an authentic presence that leads to an optimized posture and radiates a newly won self-confidence.

Well, and then it went back home, back to everyday life. Which certainly presents a challenge to every therapy. Also here, I was impressed by Ilona’s concept, because the connection to her did not break up. Especially now, I needed support. It was too tempting to fall back into old patterns of behavior. In daily phone calls she was there for me. She accompanied, supported, stabilized me and taught me to be able to do that for myself. Her hand is still there for me after 5 weeks.

Yes, I am happy. This feeling keeps on expanding deep inside of me. I feel, I have arrived. Arrived in myself.

At this point I would like to express my gratitude to the people who enabled me to make this therapy possible. I thank you with all my heart!

I have experiences that have changed me and will also enrich my work.
Dear Ilona, ​​I thank you with all my heart!
Sincerely, Diana.

Diana 47 years, physiotherapist and Pilates coach from Hannover

Markus / Software-Specialist / Frankfurt

Just in time for my 18th year, I got the most severe depression full on. After a few weeks, I realized what I had and that I had to go search for help. I was in behavioral therapy for a long time. Between the ages of 20 and 25, I thought about just quitting and taking my own life everyday; One evening it was really close.

By my late 20’s, after years of behavioral therapy and countless family constellations, I had reached a stage where I thought: the way it is now, it’s not a life, but it’s enough to survive, and I kept on existing that way although I have been successful in my studies and career to date.

By mid-30 I got flashbacks. Flashbacks are a momentary re-experiencing of traumatic childhood events, and I’ve made x-amount of those. From morning to night those scenes played in front of my mind´s eye and I went through everything – the tormenting, the abuse of my mother to me – again and again and again.

I realized that I was severely traumatized, something I did not know before; I had no “access” to these images before. I searched the internet for a trauma therapy and found Ilona. Skyped, appointments agreed on and I hit the road.

Ilona did in 15 days what I did not manage myself and almost 20 years of (self-) therapy. I was completely isolated from my body, which was not clear to me at the time. I integrate the skills and abilities that I learned from Ilona into everyday life and 15 minutes a day really consciously.

It is incredible. I never thought it to be possible that I could ever escape this cold and colorless hell of depression, but with Ilona’s work I did it.

I’m going out, enjoying the moment, discovering new sides of myself, and I’m simply just with myself.

I am infinitely grateful to you, Ilona. May many still experience and participate in your wonderful work!

Markus/ Software-Specialist/Frankfurt

Julia, student, Austria

Various reasons led me to the decision to get Ms. Palucki’s treatment. I was psychologically eradicated and carried ballast from childhood and youth with me. Again and again I seemed to stand in my own way, because most of the time when I was sure that it was going great for me and I was one step further, I was thrown backwards. Some sabotage mechanisms seemed to be enacted according to the same recurring pattern. I hoped for answers and relief from working with Ms. Palucki and got much more. With a lot of patience and structure, she managed to put the loose ends together and make them into a whole. This enabled me to get a more objective and less emotionally charged approach to the past. My expectation that deep soothing work must be painful and confronting was disproved on the first day. Each session I left with new ease and joy. Joy, because each time I felt to grow a step closer to myself, closer to the “I”, that I lost many years ago and wasn´t able to find again. Ms. Palucki’s charisma and sensitivity made it easy for me to open up and feel safe with her. Every progress, every change in me seemed to truthfully delight her and her positivity sparked my own every time.

Six weeks it has been by that I stayed with Ms. Palucki, and I can feel the impact of her work every day. My social environment notices the positive effect on me and comments on my changed behavior and my charisma again and again. I am infinitely grateful to Ms. Palucki for everything she did and made possible for me. In a short time, she managed to move so much inside me and get rid of all the ballast. I am enthused about her work and can highly recommend it to everyone.

Julia, student


Tina from Lüneburg

It was the most positive decision of my life

Dear Ms. Palucki, dear Ilona,

After 13 years of living with the heaviest anxiety and panic disorder, I had no self-confidence and no self-esteem. After an odyssey on therapeutic procedures, such as: conversation-, ergo-, behavioral-therapy and NLP-knocking technique, hypnosis (6 years at regular intervals) to self-therapy using about 30 different books, I just wasn´t able to get to my illness – it was still here! It came back at regular intervals so that I had not left the house at all for almost 2 years and did not dare to talk to anybody. I had groceries put at my doorstep, broke off all contact with the outside world, even to my family. Talking on the phone was the only thing I could do – anything else simply wasn´t possible. I lost everything – job, friends, partner and body weight from 62 to 47 kg!

I had already saved the link to Ms. Palucki’s page for ages, but I did not dare to write her because I did not want to or I could not believe the other testimonials!

In between, I had regained a bit of freedom again and was at least able to move within a radius of 1 km around my apartment, but still always with anxiety attacks. I began to recount my life in a book. After 227 pages I noticed that everything was repeating itself and that death had been my constant companion and that I wasn´t able to love myself anymore, because in the last years 14 loved ones had died around me – through accidents, illness and even through murder.

One day, when I was in extreme panic again, wincing at every little noise and while the medications helped me only to a limited extent, I wrote to Mrs. Palucki.

Already at the first conversation it was clear that I was traumatized and Mrs. Palucki brought everything to the point, which I had tried in 13 years of therapy to clarify. She gave me time to think about whether I would travel to her or whether she would come to see me. At that moment I was so effusive that I could imagine a trip, but only in my thoughts!

I then decided for her to travel to my place. Eight weeks later, Ms. Palucki stood in front of me and I was so scared and panicking, but in the first 10 minutes she took away my fear and promised that everything would be fine.

Incredulous, I went into the work. It was like as if we were twins then.

It was exhausting and exciting at the same time! You have to admit a lot of things to yourself and have to have absolute confidence. What I was allowed to experience there, you can not put into words, you have to have experienced it yourself.

On the third day my world already looked completely different. On the fifth day I went home singing and on the seventh day I could only smile and then I was looking forward to the meetings. We resolved 7 deeply-stuck traumas!!! Including one, that had to do with sexuality. It was not a physical abuse, for me, it was severe emotional strain. And I wasn´t aware of that trauma at all. It was buried under those cases of death and my two miscarriages. And yes, I was still skeptical if it really helped, but I was taught a lesson: my hair. For years I wasn´t able to comb my hair properly, because they were extremely knotted. Even with an expensive conditioner, it was hardly possible and a lot of hair just fell out. After the first shower, I stood in front of the mirror, took the hairbrush and thought “ouch, ouch”, but it actually went through smoothly all of a sudden!!! I immediately told the sensation to Ms. Palucki and she could hardly believe it either and until today I comb my hair with a lot of pleasure!!!

What can I say, now 6 weeks have passed and every day I am living a bit more! My nightmares are gone. My fear is gone. My panic is gone. My medication is down to only 25 mg per day. My headache and abdominal pain are gone. No more anxiety of loud sirens and blue lights – just gone! I like eating again and looking at myself in the mirror. I am slowly but steadily expanding the radius around my house – which is at 10 km now. I have begun to love myself again. And two days ago I woke up smiling and knew I WILL BE COMPLETELY HEALTHY AGAIN!!!

THANKS YOU ILONA – your work belongs into the textbooks of this world!!! If many a doctor or psychologist would start to exercise this, a lot of people would get much, much better very quickly and they could go into recovery and live!!!

I needed 13 years! The best years of my life I spent in fear! Now I’m 38 years old and I’m catching up on everything I may have missed and the first step was to approach my family. One does not believe how much these 8 days with Ms. Palucki have changed me and this affects my whole environment and life. THANK YOU and also a thank you to me, because I dared to face these traumas >>> Now I can say it: There is a life after the traumas. Please do not wait too long. Every day counts.

Tina from Lüneburg


In the beginning of February, I went to Ilona for treatment for 5 days. Now it is end of March. My concern was to dare another attempt to heal my sexual abuse which I had experienced already in very early childhood. I am 69 years old and have already done a lot of therapies in my life. Despite all, I felt very disheartened, lonely, isolated and extremely abandoned, even though I have a family and friends. I had little confidence and let myself be dragged down by the challenges of life rather, was anxious and rather saw the negative and the dark in all. Additionally to this, I have developed bodily symptoms for which there are no scientific medical explanation. I explained it with the experience of massive sexual abuse in my early childhood, where little Monika had to endure fear of death. This fear led to a massive intrinsic hardening of the body, that had never been dissolved really. Then the experience of fear is stored in my cells, so that I developed something like an inherent fear of life.

In the breathing work with Ilona I realized quite quickly that I had build a wall around myself. behind which I lived lonely and abandoned. This wall was impermeable, it reminded me on the movie “The Wall” (2012, German: Die Wand; TN) a lot. I abruptly realized how much I had locked myself off from everything. This wall which I had certainly intuitively build for self-protection, I could suddenly recognize, feel, perceive and breath away. I still feel the liberation and lightness in my chest. It feels so endlessly good! This breath I repeat as often as I think about it and at some point I will only breath like I have learned it from Ilona.

I also feel the positive effect in my day-to-day life. My life’s circumstances have not changed, I have changed. I feel more lively in contact with my fellow human beings! This, of course, causes me to receive more warmth and affection back in turn!

My husband is treating me much more fondly! I dare to approach friends more naturally and more openly. I no longer fear rejection and repudiation. Completely stunning and unbelievably enriching I find, that I can laugh about my own shortcomings. This type of humor was unknown to me before. If sometimes things get critical or difficult, I laugh rather than being offended or hurt. I also feel a transformation of the bodily love. There is more willingness to get into it and simply less fear and depreciation.

I think I am on a good path to enjoy my life newly. Of course, I sometime fall in old holes, but I can climb out again and feel free, alive and happy, even by myself alone! Ilona, I thank you for your presence, your knowledge and your positive way of being with me. It has advanced me so much!

Monika   (translated form German)


2 months later…

Since my arrival and after the intense healing work with Ilona a lot has happened in my life!

I came home and felt a powerful creative force inside of me. It has fueled me to rearrange my entire flat and newly decorate it. I felt effortlessness and joy doing that. This lust in creativity had been extinguished for a long time and I have felt blocked. Now a new door seems to have opened through which inspiration and creativity can flow freely.

Also, I could finally find the power to tackle professional changes that I had wished for for so long, and to get rid of the anxieties that come along with the new challenges. All of a sudden it wasn’t difficult anymore, to find the courage to do it and to make decisions!

Further, it is not important to me any longer what other people might think about me or my work. I can believe in myself. I have found new confidence and understand now just how important it is to be fully and completely myself. I am no longer small! I feel stronger and taller. I can achieve anything!

The relationship to my partner has intensified. Together, we want to do new steps in our relationship and to spend more time together. Ore over, the perceptions in my femininity and sexuality have completely changed. A new feeling of “being a woman” has entered my life. I am very grateful for this. Bit by bit ever new processes unfold. It is like a flower that gradually opens and everyday it excludes it’s fragrance and presents itself more in it’s whole splendor. It is so exiting to watch my own transformation after the work with Ilona. There are always new changes and surprises in my life. Many that I had wished for for years, but have kept on going in circles. Now the stones are out of the way and everything is in a flow.

I always had difficulties to set limits for other people. Could hardly say “no” and rather went on to get hurt instead of me hurting someone. Now, I feel so much clarity and love towards my self, that it is natural for me to protect myself and set limits. I say “Stop! No, that’s not good for me!”

I immediately realize when people go over my limit and I can directly communicate that to the other person. There is no shame, guilt or awkwardness. I am here and I deserve respect just like everybody else.

I am particularly pleased to be able to continue exercising the body work and the breathing technique at home. It’ is giving me strength every day. I feel it is a great gift to have received it all in writing from Ilona (body work and the breathing technique).

Further, I ‘d like to mention:

Many years I was plagued by intense headache and pain in the jaw. Sometimes the pain persisted for several days and all I could do was to lie down and try to sleep. It was a strong pulsing, which has internally torn me apart. Since the instance treatment with Ilona I didn’t have pain again. This is a completely new quality of life for me that I could not have imagined. Finally, I am free from this internally pushing hammer in my head and jaw. What a blessing 🙂

I thank Ilona with all my heart for the precious coaching following the treatment and the whole post-care. I feel that she is not only doing work while not caring about the results. I sense the vocation in her entire way of working. I feel her truthful interest in my healing-process. Until now I have not seen this with therapists. This companionship is something very special for me and has given me endless security to integrate new things into my life. A lot of love is running through my heart once again. I am full of gratefulness towards Ilona, towards life and the energies that have led me to Ilona. Everything has it’s time. For me it was just the right time for my healing.

With love and gratitude,


Paul M., Frankfurt

Only shortly before his death I learned that my father was with the perpetrators – with the SS! I had the opinion that my father, born 1922, has been seduced by the Nazis like all other young men. He came from a very modest upbringing,  an infidelity-accident, the social surrounding shaped by thugs, friction with Jews, early going to work in the mine.

Then the came what he experienced as great liberty: Hitler-Youth, Jungvolk, Reichs-worker-duty, superrace! Young people at the age of 19-20 can be susceptible and more easily seduced by this… black uniform and the girls were full of admiration /he told to a confidante, who told me). Had he “only” been seduced by the Nazis? I can only suspect what he has done. (The transports and the pits he has “seen”). I viewed him as guilty. I was furiously angry on him, because he never expressed regret what harm “the Germans” caused. I wasn’t even able to say the word father.

Today I can speak about it with ease, what “he” has done. Before that, I couldn’t do this at all. We were able to treat my unbelievable anger towards him within a few hours and completely dissolve it! I have personally found my peace. I can distance myself. I can even call him father again.

Thank you for the relief

Paul M., Frankfurt


Dear Ilona,

With your trustworthy and authentic nature, you have right away given me the feeling that I can trust you. With the deep-soul-healing work combined with your special breathing technique – with the deep and conscious breathing, I was able to experience my body in an entirely new way. I was able to let burdens of my past literally melt away. (It sort of felt like that.) The perception of my body is different now and I feel more strong from within. Also, I clearly feel changes in my physiology, for example a chronic hardening of the shoulder towards the neck has like vanished.

We carry so much from our past with us. The work with you has showed me, how important it is to listen to your breath. It gives us life and it can liberate us. It is a great gift to have experienced all of this here.

The journey to you was a very good decision. I also want to express my gratitude about the wonderful environment here and the sunny weather even in the winter. Thanks for everything and lots of strength for your ongoing work.


A bit later

Processes post deep-soul-treatment: A couple of days after the treatment back home, I was able to sense an intense change of my body-perception. I have the feeling, that my body is able to perceive situations more “serene” and more conscious. I feel emotionally more stable and that gives me certainty.

Access to my Inner has opened and I had the insight, how important it is, to feel safe, snug and not to be vulnerable, because only then we can grow in ourselves properly. Injuries can bring us insight, but then they should be allowed to leave again. Personally, I perceive these shifts in a way that I want to structure my life newly once again and live out my potential more. I have the feeling that I can’t help, but working towards a positive change. In any case, I feel a positive and driving force inside of me.

It was beautiful to have spent the last weeks of the old year at your retreat and to start into the new year with a new energy. It is a really big gift that I found with you, thank you for the time with you.


(translated from German)


I have researched for years, to find something like this. It is the most incredible work, I have ever experienced!

A few days before Christmas I basically showed up at Iona’s doorstep. Planned and agreed upon was only a stay in her retreat as a holiday, but secretly I had high hopes, she would work with me. After my arrival I asked her really nervously, whether it would be possible, to go into treatment during the next days. She said ‘yes’ and I was just so happy! I took her by surprise, but she made a huge exception! The next day the anamneses began. Ilona works with me on her birthday, on Christmas and on new year’s, in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and mentally even at night. 

For the first time I felt completely held and cared for. Me and my themes were the center of attention and she was there only for me. That was a completely new experience for me. There was no ‘next patient’ after one hour. No. I was the only person for the next two weeks.

For the first time, I discovered my breath. Fully aware, and that I had hardly breathed before. I learned to properly breath into the lungs and to integrate this into my normal breathing. I was breathing and breathing and everything became more alive. That was a great feeling.

The deep-soul-healing work was overwhelming. After the session on my father the feeling towards him changed. Where there was hatred and anger, I now experienced connection and melancholy. The process was accompanied by strong emotions that made me free. It was a feeling, like from a miracle. The work of Ilona goes so unbelievably deep and it grasps the soul with everything that is. It heals at the deepest origin. I wish that to everyone who has experienced an abuse! In my case it was altogether 5 people. After her work I was able to wipe the abuse off for the first time and I don’t suffer from the images and the emotions anymore. The conjoint sadness is gone and now there is a feeling to be liberated from it. This provides a new quality of life for me.

I not only learned breathing anew, but also walking – through a body-work specifically developed by Ilona. My old posture was caved in and like a screw. She showed me proper standing and proper walking. It was a touching process and an erection on the inside as well as on the outside. It was new, but still it integrated itself every day more. The old felt more and more strange and uncomfortable. It was allowed to leave and make room for the new.

Ilona has a very loving and caring manner. She is honest and she puts her heart and soul into her work. She does her work more than 100 percent. You can clearly feel her passion and her joy. She has built a healing concept, that I have never experienced in this way. It is unique and I hope that she teaches her method some day, so that I can become her student. I hope her method spreads around the world some day, so that as many people as possible can receive healing. I am grateful, I was allowed to work with her. It is a great gift! Thank you, Ilona!

From the bottom of my heart,


T. /Bavaria, Germany

Sexual abuse – finally I accept my body again with joy!

I was very nervous when I flew to Ilona’s place for just 4 days in November 2018. She welcomed me so wholeheartedly at the airport that I immediately had a really good feeling. Having arrived at her house we started promptly. For me it was primarily about my abuse at the age of 5. It had been concealed for a very long time, but at the age of 41 it came up again.

Other topics were also on my mind a lot – such as the sudden suicide of my father. I was only 5 years old at the time. I had never forgotten that shock.

With her healing work and her breathing method, Ilona accomplished to free me of all the pain in my soul that had built up over the years! Even my constant physical pain is gone!  Through receiving the deep soul healing work, the breathing method and the intense body work I feel lively again, I can sense, I can feel and I perceive myself as an attractive woman again!

With my whole heart, I thank you, Ilona, for this exciting and beautiful time with you! – and for that I can feel myself again and for that I am able to look and go into the future positively and invigorated.


T. /Bavaria, Germany   (translated from German)

Heike, CAM* Practitioner, Life Coach, Hamburg   (Complementary and Alternative Medicin)

“Now I am feeling easy and lively and I am enjoying my life fully”

In deep gratitude and valuation of your wonderful work, I want to write to you today.

For more than 20 years I have been suffering from ever returning states of anxiety and depression. The roots of my life’s story were deeply concealed in traumatic experiences in my childhood. Time and again there were setbacks in my life where those traumata were activated by certain situations. Thus, I have been confronted with my anxieties again and again. In those times it felt as if there was no hope, no healing, no confidence to look forward to a nice life ever again.

Numerous stays in clinics and one stay in a psychiatric clinic provided little good results. Also ambulatory therapies and offerings of family-therapy, energetic as well as EMDR work remained mostly unsuccessful.

When I was in big desperation once again, I have found you, Ilona. I knew and felt immediately, that I would get the help and support, that I needed in my situation. During the initial conversations by telephone, I felt accepted and held. Your loving and understanding manner evoked a lot of trust in me.

In the work with you we have dissolved one trauma each day, as well as processed my themes and blockades. The breathing method you developed is Impressive and beneficial for me. I am continuing to practice it now.

The body work has strengthened and stabilized me. I haven’t felt so alive in a long time. I especially liked that during the 14 days you have been exclusively there for me. Even In the evenings there were conversations about the work that happened during the day. I felt completely held.  Further, you have written a detailed protocol of our work every day. Tis is very valuable for me, since I can refer back to it later on.

Additionally, you have opened something in me, so that I am now able to say what I think and feel. Thereby, I feel freed from within. I was also very pleased that the descriptions on your website were absolutely identical with your work. My expectations have been exceeded by far.

Today, I know that healing is possible and that the journey to you, dear Ilona, has been the best decision of my life.

I am free of anxiety and depression and infinitely grateful for this wonderful colorful new life. I will never forget your benevolent, warm and understanding eyes.

Heike, CAM* Practitioner, Life Coach, Hamburg   (Complementary and Alternative Medicin)

(translated from German)

D.B. Thüringia

Hello Ilona,

I came to you with the hope to work through the abuse which I had experienced in my early childhood. I have always been sad, anxious, introverted and by now I hope to just hold out until my kids are on their own. In short, I was a wreck which instantly burst into tears right away when look at in a funny way. A normal day was the biggest challenge for me, and when something was just slightlx different from the usual, I was hopelessly lost. More than thirty years I have beared my existence/desaster like this and it always got worse and more difficult.

Then there was you, though. I immediately had hope.Even though they journey to come to you was one of my biggest adventures. I was allowed to bring support, however.

Already after the first session we made it. The abuse was processed. After one weekend I was a new human being.

Instead of fear, now there is curiosity. Instead sorrow, there is peace. I am able to walk upright and with a smile through life. Change and variance now are challenges and welcome varieties.

Thanks to you, I have a real life now and I am just learning bit by bit to be on my own and deal with it. I savor it and I am grateful.

D.B. Thüringia

J.P. Berlin

The sexual abuse by my father at the age of 14 changed my life completely. I closed myself off to life and felt stalled. Actually, my life changed once again in 2015 with a burn-out that sent me to a day-clinic for 10 weeks. At the age of 35, I was mentally and physically at the end. Here, my feelings came up in flashbacks then. This is how the abuse surfaced again and I had to relive the many humiliations, psychological abuses and as a punishments, like sitting with the knees at the wall while stretching my arms above my head.

The determining factor was that I wasn’t worth anything in my life.

After the deep soul healing work I am so relieved to have dissolved it all. Old views are gone! The old life has gone – only images without emotions! My life has changed positively! It’s all empty!!! I am enthused!

I am feeling really well, as if the abuse has never happened. My life feels like on cloud 7, because I feel this lightness for the first time and I am able to own it.

I want to thank you from my heart, dear Ilona, for your everlasting presence and care, when I was there. It has opened an entirely new life to me. And I know it will keep on transforming.

J.P. Berlin (translated from German)

B. /Thüringia/Germany

Hello Ilona,

yesterday, I had the last appointment with my therapist. I wanted to say ‘goodbye’, at least. I think she no longer ‘understands the world’. Must have appeared to her as if from another planet. I was sitting there in bright clothes (she only knows me in dark clothers), sparkling with energy. I have told her about our work. She could hardly believe it, but is happy for me. At the end I was asked to fill out one of those questionnaires again. I was done with it after one minute, because there was nothing to cogitate about, all positive. I felt a bit sorry for her, because she had to witness how you have completely transformed me within two weeks, while she ran out of ideas how to help me after 2-3 years.

It was such a great feeling for me to tell her, that I wouldn’t know what else to treat, because there is nothing left. Sometimes I can’t even remember how it felt to cry out of deepest desparation.

Very dear greetings


(translated from German)

S.D – Switzerland

I came to Ilona desperate. Even though I may have seemed like an intelligent, likable and active young woman (27), I was injured in depth. For years I have unconsciously carried this pressure and pain of degradation of self-worth in me due to a sexual abuse during teenage years and due to a shock during childhood. Everything was difficult and when I found myself in difficult situations, my thoughts were bitter.

I stayed at Ilona’s for a long weekend. And this precious time with her and her work has changed everything. My feelings of inferiority have gone. I can breath deeply. I feel well. Ease has returned to my life. I am so grateful. I am stable like never before. I feel complete. My trauma are no longer a burden. I can look back, but they don’t influence me any longer

Thank you, Ilona, for your deep-soul healing work. One of the best decisions, I made, to be open and come to you 🙂

S.D – Switzerland

p.s. further observations for documentation

  • no more nausea during sporty car driving
  • stable center of self
  • stronger voice
  • different perception by parents and boyfriend, no more feeling of dependance
  • a feeling of “being complete”
  • increased sense of security
  • more tranquillity
  • sense of belonging without question. World-feeling is there now.
  • I am being perceived differently. Questions: Have you changede something? (e.g. haircolor)
  • I can communicate with others more calm and more present
  • I realize very quickly when I am getting nervous
  • I feel more in the moment

L., Tirol, 2018

Sexual abuse,

this subject belongs to the past, as if the abuse would have never happened. The deep soul healing work on one weekend is a heavenly gift!

I thank you, Ilona, for your presence, your attentiveness and your professionalism!

L., Tirol, 2018

B. /Thüringia/Germany

Finally, I find joy in living!!!!

In my youth I realized, that I was different than others somehow. Everytime a boy would show interest in me, I found him disgusting and repulsive, even when we had been best friends.I never really felt to be a part of something. I was always caught in thoughts. At some point I discovered the link to my past. My brother, who was eight years older, had been abusing me from when I was four or five years old. Since then I had become tense and was always in a state of alertness. I wasn’t able to escape the abuse physically, however. To escape the fear of death, I left my body each time. I felt so alone and exposed, was kind of paralyzed.

When I was twelve my other brother, who was four years older, committed suicide. I loved him so much, that – resulting from my bond to him – I imposed sadness upon myself for the rest of my life. There were only short moments of joy, just to plunge into sadness right after.

Our family-life was characterized by religion and obedience. My father was a reverend and a person of absolute respect for me due to his eruptions of violence towards my brothers. Even in my adult age I felt the fear and simultaneous dependence. My dogma included complete self-abandonment for others. During my entire life I wondered “who am I”, “what is left of me”. Often times I hated myself, hated my body, hated my life. Everything seemed so pointless.

Despite all this, I entered relationships and married my second boyfriend. In marriage I felt not understood and lonely. Sexually, I felt totally under pressure.  Eventually, I tried to forget everything by using alcohol to become aroused. We weren’t able to maintain the marriage for long.

Now I am married again. My husband was very sensitive and understanding from the beginning. We trapped ourselves in believing, that the relationship would be able to heal me, but once again the sexuality influenced everything. Hardly ever, feelings came up on their own. Everytime I had to persuade myself that sex is nice. My body and soul weren’t able to keep these feelings.

Desperately I tried for twenty years to find help from therapists – as an  in- as well as an out patient. I always felt that everything is much deeper down. So deep, that noone was able to get to it – not even myself. Again and again I searched the internet for possibilities to receive true healing. I read books and tried techniques. The result was the same everytime: at the beginning there was euphoria and hope to have found the right thing, then followed by an ardous and never-ending path and finally the understanding that it does not help. Even though, many things have put me forward a bit or helped briefly, but healing was not in sight. It is said, that something always remains from a trauma.

But then I found a video of Ilona Palucki in the internet. I heard exactly what I felt – that the abuse and all other trauma is anchored in the deepest fibers of our body, in our organs and muscles, in our soul. I was so enthusiastic and hopeful, but on the other hand couldn’t believe that in such short amount of time, someone should be able to leave his past behind. Despite all opinions raining down on me I wanted to believe it. The introductory talk with her had affirmed my hopes.

Then, I was able to experience it with my own body and soul. In just two weeks we have processed one trauma each day and I was able to leave it behind thanks to Ilona and her special way of working and her breathing technique. Only briefly I had to establish a connection to my emotions and didn’t have to live through my trauma once again – as is the case with other techniques. Every day I was able to leave a huge rock from my past behind.  Every day I grew more free, happier. An “I” started to develop. This “I” continues to develop further until today and it just feels wonderfully alive. For the first time in my life I am looking forward to thethings to come! The past no longer plays a role. It has become insignificant. My soul is healed and by that, my body heals as well. I am no longer under constant tension. After the first three days, I no longer had Restless Legs Syndrome. For the past years I was only able to control this via the intake of medication every evening. The pain in my hips and neck are gone, my posture is upright. I am experiencing a deep tranquillity and equanimity.  The time with Ilona finally gave me a life. Now, I feel joy to be a woman with everything that belongs to it.

Ilona, I thank you for this wonderful time. You have taken so much suffering from me and awakened so much joy. You are an impressive woman with endless passion for your work and for your clients. I didn’t know that one could have so much fun while dissolving trauma. Thank you for everything!!!

B. /Thüringia, Germany     (translated from German)

G. Granada/Spain

Multiple sexual abuses during my childhood!

Now, after 50 years finally healed during 1 week-end. I feel free!

Thank you

G. Granada/Spain

(translated from German)

Rita Maria, Switzerland

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Ilona, that with your help and skills as healer I was able to let go of all my traumata. One day, one trauma… at first it seemed unbelievable, but now being back home it is real! it just is. After all these years of grief, feeling desolate and melancholy about everything that affected and characterized my life since my childhood and during my marriage, now I just feel liberated!

Knowing that after three weeks of intensive work, my traumata have been released makes me just happy! When I sometimes experience physical sensitivities (symptoms after my stroke that I had last year) I start your wonderful, beneficial and special breathing method and it helps instantaneously! I am deeply grateful. My posture and attitude have changed too. With the breathing and your support over the phone, which you offer for two further months, I can only say that it has been a huge gift to us that we found you. Thank you, just thanks to you, thanks to life and to the wonderful All and Everything!

Rita Maria, Switzerland

(translated from German)

D.S. Bern/Switzerland

Out of the shadow into the sun!

Raped four times, and years of mental and emotional abuse! So many years of therapy and always the great desire to leave behind my sorrow and traumata. Last appointment with psychiatrist last December.

Now, I’ve finally found deep peace, no further emotions left, only pictures. After working with Ilona Palucki the traumata are finally gone.

I experienced overflowing warmth and assurance and learned how to feel and accept it – and now it makes all sense to me. I am eternally grateful.

In the light at last! Thank you!

D.S. Bern/Switzerland

Pierre, Cannes/France

Maybe it’s a little long, but I’d like to speak from my heart.

For many years, I was being depressed and sad. Sometimes it got better for a short while, but only to be drawn back into those sad feelings rather quickly. I didn’t believe in myself and lacked confidence. You explained to me exactly why old hurt feelings and emotions resurfaced and why I got so overwhelmed by those feelings again and again. That’s how I started to trust into your work.

We worked through all these old experiences, and one by one they dissolved into nothingness together with their accompanying emotions. Dear Ilona, by teaching me your breathing technic you guided me step by step to my inner self and how I could protect myself better in the future and how to grow. Now I’m able to deal with sad emotions, fear and other upsetting feelings on my own.

Today, I’m feeling good and happy, free and proud of who I am. I am finally free of fear and have great faith in what the future holds for me.

In addition to these positive aspects I would love to express my gratitude that I lost my desire to smoke already after only one session without even working with this problem – and I used to be a heavy smoker. I stopped smoking without great effort and today I have almost forgotten that I actually did smoke at all.

Ilona, during the hours with you, you taught me how to have deep confidence in myself and in life itself, how to just be who I am, pure, healthy and undepraved.

Thank you so much Ilona that half a year ago you took the time to work with me.

Pierre, Cannes/France   (translated from French)

M / Germany

I was abused when I was 5 years old. …and that was not the last time. Unfortunately, I had to endure it again and again. All this had completely thrown me off track and when I was 20 years old, I had to undergo therapy many therapies, deep analytical therapy and behavioural therapy combined with hospitalisation. Feelings of powerlessness and numbness, I was suffering from spasms, and was constantly in fear, mainly of men. After I reported this to the police I had to face appraisals from almost 30 experts. Now I’m almost 30 years old. I’m out of work for 4 ½ years and a pensioner for 2 years. To deal with the appraisal-experts was not only excruciating, it was simply inhuman. With every expert report, I fell down further. The piercing questions about the every painful detail about my traumatic experiences created only more trauma in turn. I know many people, who had to endure the same treatment.

I was really looking for help! A stay of 18 days at Ilona Palucki’s, was my very last hope for help. During this time, I learned how it feels like to be strong and to stick to my decisions. The constant inner conflict belongs to the past now. I know what I want, feel calm and free. I can feel a huge inner space and expanded to the outside. Finally, I allow myself to feel my body and my sensuality. An extraordinary feeling! I used to be dyslexic (I could hardly read 3 sentences without forgetting them again right away) – all gone! Already after one week with Ilona I started to read a book. Pure pride and happiness. The feeling of helplessness and fear has completely vanished. I have no problem anymore to face people and can go out into the street.

The feeling of togetherness replaced repulsion. Now I have a deep sense of happiness and face only realistic problems without fear. The best is that the people around me can see my transformation. I am very grateful for my newly-found sensuality. I am also very happy that my psychologist, who even encouraged me to to Ms Palucki, is also stunned by my profound transformation. In this coming year I finally see myself taking further education and with a job again – a normal life.

M / Germany 

Aurélie A. / Nice / France

I am 33 years old. After my second miscariage my life has started to change. I have had a breakdown for several months! The miscariage was not acceptable to me. Why did it happen again? I went to see a psychologist, but it did not help. Things got even worse. He made me question things which before were obvious. He said that it must be my fault by me subconsciously refusing my boyfriend! Therefore I stopped going there, and I turned to spirituality.

Since then I have been working on my self. Sometimes I was feeling better, but still I was keeping my huge sadness! It was like I had lost the joy of life itself. I always had these huge suitcases to carry along with me, and they made me become sadder. My body was tired, and I was lost in my feelings.

Then I got pregnant for the third time, but unfortunately I had to make an abortion, because it´s heart stopped beating. In my mind it was like I had made a third miscariage.

Four years later, I have been lucky to meet Ilona. At the beginning I was scared to work with a shaman, but it has been the best decision I have made since my « babies » problem. While I was explaining to Ilona the most important facts which happened in my life, she has noticed a red thread from my birth to me wearing a corset during adolsecence and to my miscariages.

We first worked on my 3 miscarriages as these were the heaviest part of my trauma. Ilona has explained me her IP-Breathing Method which allowed me to release my trauma. The experience was very intense, as we have to go back to the feelings of our bad memories/experiences. I felt very tired, but lighter & calmer just right after our work together and I still feel this way 2 months later. Thanks Ilona for guiding me in my release. I can now speak about my miscarriages without bursting into tears, without being lost in my feelings.

Then we worked on the wearing a corset for 23 hours a day for 7 days a week from my eleventh birthday onwards for five years. (The mobbing by the other kids). My body, my muscles, my organs, my cells had kept this bad experience in memory – a kind of body prison – and Ilona help me to let it go.

Ilona then worked on my birth. I almost died on that day, because of several medical errors which led to me bering in coma for a short time. Ilona has liberated my emotions linked to this trauma, as well as the ones caused by my mother!

Finally we have worked on my body, in order to help me find the right posture. This work has been very helpful, and allowed me to be more centred and stable. I still practice this work every day by myself, and I can feel the positive effect it has.

Thanks Ilona for your love, your guidance and your knowledge. Thanks for having shown me your breathing method which fills me with energy and power.

Aurélie A., Nice, France   (translated from French)

Pauline S. / Waiblingen

I was 8 to 10 years old. My granddad, about 76, took me often on his lap. He held me firmly with one hand while touching my breasts and underneath my nickers with the other hand. It was repulsive, I was disgusted and felt humiliated. Afterwards he gave me sweets. I was afraid to be alone with my granddad. My mother was aware of it, but refused to believe the truth all the same.

During my apprenticeship my boss’s financial adviser came to my flat under the pretext to discuss important papers with me. Quickly I was harassed and raped by him. Until today I felt complicit and dirty. A ceaseless inner pressure was my persistent companion. This burden was unbearable and influenced my relationships.

At first, Ilona showed me her special breathing method. It is unbelievable but through this she is able to perceive old trauma that I couldn’t even remember anymore. She also saw that I had an abortion – something I hadn’t told her beforehand. She saw and described my grandma and mother. She saw pain in my abdomen and chest.

Through the breathing technique and Ilona’s cautious guiding I was able to “see” into my inner darkness. During our work together the darkness progressively vanished and gave way to brightness. Insults, harassment and rape lost their impact and I kept feeling lighter and lighter. The horrifying pressure went and I had the feeling of freedom and purity. Scary and persistent dreams that had to do with my work and completely destroyed relationship didn’t come back. After a punch from my ex-partner I had a swollen and calloused eyelid. Ilona inquired about it and after the healing work my eyelid was normal again.

I was in complete despair about my situation and wanted to give up. Just before Christmas last year I was even thinking about suicide. My body was tense, bend over and without stability. Now, I leave Ilona as a positive thinking and confident woman that can also be seen in my new posture.

Everything is in connection: Ilona’s deep soul healing and bodywork, her breathing technique, her garden, the peace and quiet and harmony.

I am more grateful than I could say that a psychosomatic clinic didn’t get back to me even after several calls from my GP. Group talks with total strangers and possible long-term medication treatment would never have solved and cleared away my problems.

Thank you! Thank you! For this new life!

Pauline S., Waiblingen

Lionelle /  San Francisco / USA

Dear Ilona,

I Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the help you have given me-explaining to me in a therapeutic way how to overcome the struggles (anxiety, an eating disorder, slowly, but surely growing into my own way of living life) transitioning as a teenager to an adult! Helping me and giving me the strength (through your positive support) to live the life I want, with hope, courage and focus!

I wish you all the best!

Lionelle, San Francisco/USA

Peter F. / Germany

While being on holiday in the South of France I had a complete breakdown (burnout). Thankfully, a friend of mine referred me to Ilona Palucki. During the healing work with Ilona, a sexual abuse from my early childhood resurfaced. An immense heavy load that caused sexual problems during my whole adult life could finally be solved, now at an age of 65! It was impossible for me to talk about these difficulties that affected my whole life.

You, Ilona, brought it straight to the point, talked to me in a naturally sensitive way while healing the abuse.

Thank you so much for this healing work. I am ever so grateful that I met you in this time of need.

Peter F. /Germany

Ulli W. / Munich / Germany

Seven years ago I got beaten up, was strangled, abused and in the end even raped by a psychopath – only by chance I survived. Upon the advice of my lawyer I consulted a trauma-psychotherapist, who by all means helped me out off the deepest hole. Since the trial began only half a year later I had to relive this terrible ordeal with all its pain, terror and emotions over and over again. With every time I had to replay this nightmare like a movie, it burned itself even deeper into my subconscious. After the trial, which I perceived as another rape, I simply wanted to forget and never talk about it again.

Ilona Palucki was recommended to me, for I needed help. I met her only reluctantly though and was extremely nervous since I was certain that I had to explain everything in detail yet again. Astonishingly, the opposite was the case. During only one afternoon I was able to literally breathe away my trauma and all its injuries through an intensive deep-soul healing with positive thoughts and forgiveness for the perpetrator (forgiveness is a vital part in the process of letting go of one’s past). In three further sessions we worked through some older deep emotional wounds and physical problems.

Now, I’m feeling free again! I am actually healed. I can watch my past like a movie that doesn’t affect me anymore. Everything is so far away!

The wonderful thing with Ilona’s healing work is that she gave me the understanding and confidence that I’d be largely able to heal myself in the future. By working actively with her and the conscious breathing I was able to feel my body and, most importantly, MYSELF again! I began to appreciate and love myself once more. I discovered my growing strength and how it affected my body positively.

Thanks to the IP breathing technic I am able to live without the cortisone inhalations, which I had to inhale 3 times a day over the past 3 years. My lungs finally reached their vital capacity again, even under physical strain.
This makes me strong for the future.

I’d like to add that I find Ilona a very personable, warm hearted and particularly competent person with a vast knowledge and experience, someone who can easily be trusted.

I want to thank Ilona for all her help from the bottom of my heart and hope that she can help many more traumatised people.

Ulli W. Munich/ Germany / 2015

M. Sch. / Munich

I met Ilona Palucki during the darkest period of my life.
Thankfully our paths crossed by chance when she happened to be in Munich.

Within the last five years six people close to me died. One of them was my foster mother Inga, which was the hardest loss to endure. She had been my anchor all my life. Together we brought up my girls, for I was unable to do so alone as a hard working single mum.

After this terrible loss I unfortunately also made a wrong decision in business and suffered severe anxiety of losing my entire livelihood until I had a classic burn out. This pushed me over the edge and regrettably I tried to take my own life.
Even during this time of dark thoughts Inga took an important role in my life. I came into a mental hospital. There were talks, but they didn’t really help me. Even though I was taken out off my usual day-to-day life, but nobody could get to the bottom of my thoughts, anxiety and feelings. I was offered long-term therapy and medication. After 10 days I could leave the hospital – I let myself half-heartedly transfer to a psychotherapist.

That’s when I met Ilona.

Ilona went to the bottom of it all. During the healing work all kind of long forgotten pictures and emotions surfaced. Ilona helped me in a – for me – sensational fashion to overcome grief, guilt and fear. After a two hour long deep-soul healing session combined with her special breathing technic I immediately had a feeling of relief and calm, finally a trusting awareness of life. Friends asked me whether I had been on holiday as I looked so relaxed and happy.

The pain and suffering was gone from my face and my soul. All the guilt I carried with me about my foster mum was literally gone. Now I can keep Inga in my heart with all my love but without guilt. No therapy, no pills.

I find it important that Ilona does not forget about you after the healing work. She stays in touch for a minimum of four months afterwards. Its significance became only recently very noticeable to me.

A lovely old couple in I my apartment block committed suicide. The man jumped from the rooftop. Since I heard and sensed the impact and unfortunately also saw him lying there, I went through some very difficult days. Luckily I had an email from Ilona some days before asking me how I was doing. I wrote back telling her the story and that I was feeling awful, shocked and distressed.

Ilona immediately organised a telephone session with me. She comforted me and helped me to let go of what I was going through. Afterwards all the negativity was gone from head to toe.

I am so grateful that there are people with such amazing skills and power out there, like Ilona Palucki. I am 51 years old and life is wonderful.

M. Sch., Munich, 2015

Moni. S. / Ludwigshafen / Germany

I have been abused regularly by my stepfather between the age 10 and 14. I had to share the room with my little half-brother who was 5 years old at the time. Even though my little brother was present in the room at that time my stepfather didn´t show consideration for that and assaulted me anyway. Sadly, my mother did not want to believe me and has been discrediting my trouble until the present day by accusing me that I was lying.

Now I am 51 years old and have suffered all these years. Almost daily I had to think about it. Again and again I was in tears. I had forced myself to deal with this and with my mom´s many beatings and punishments by myself – without the help of a therapist. Several years later my gynecologist has diagnosed me with Morbus Bowen in that place probabely caused by the abuse and I had to bear several surgeries that were very painful.

Just by chance I had heard of Ilona Palucki from an aquaintance, but only recently I had the courage to contact her. The deep soul healing work has taken only about two hours. The loving care and work has completely overwhelmed me. I have been indeed freed from this trauma for real and thoughts about it are not coming up anymore.

During the last years there were tears out of sadness and pain. Now there are tears out of happniess and total liberation. I am nothing but thankful, Ilona! I want to encourage people that share this kind of fate to make the move as I have and visit Ilona.

Under the burden of the yearlong abuse by my stepfather, the beatings by my mother and the resulting fears I also had serious problems with my back since the age of 10. During my childhood I already had to lie in a plaster cast during the night. Despite of this torment improvement didn´t happen. On the contrary, my back was getting increasingly round. The muscles were continuing to stiffen up. The result was resignation. I was bidding farewell to my femininity more and more and I would have wanted to keep it.

Ilona´s holistic breathing technique as well as the body work has rectifed me in an unbelievable way within the shortest amount of time – a couple of hours. My spine has been entirely rectified with this unique type of breathing! Within these few hours I have received a very distinguished, positive, future-oriented body-awareness and attitude towards life. I cannot explain it in a few words. Body- mechanical and psychological things are fitting logically together. Fantastic! It just works!

Now, Ilona, I stand straight, proud and a little bit lofty and I am just happy about my new sense of femininity. Thank you!

Moni. S., Ludwigshafen, Germany, 2015

Catalina / Luxemburg / Kapverden

My name is Catalina and I am 35 years old. Between the age of eight and eleven I was sexually abused. This has taken away a part of my confidence and it also denied me a normal development as a woman.

I had been in therapy with psychologists for years. Even though some things could be treated, my anxieties however stayed on.

About a month ago, I met Ilona who worked with me (her shamanistic deep-soul healing work). I can feel how something has changed within me, and this process still continues. My often difficult day-to-day life has been moving into a much more positive direction.

Thanks to working with Ilona I am finally able to live and feel real love again. For me, this is hugely important in order to thwart my auto-distractive behaviour.

I used to have the impression that the ceiling was about to fall onto my head, now it is quite the opposite, space, my inner space is opening and expanding.

I came to Ilona hoping for help and support – help that would hopefully reach beyond of what I had experienced in usual psychological treatment. However, that this healing work would reach thus far with a significance especially concerning my anxieties, I could not have had thought possible.

My anxieties used to take a lot of space and energy so that I sometimes thought I would go mad. Now, after this healing work I do feel much lighter and the impression of being followed and overwhelmed has lost its power.

I thank Ilona from the bottom of my heart for her help.

Catalina Luxemburg/Kapverden

A.B. / Cook / Deutschland

I went on a school outing when I was 13 years old where four older boys sexually abused me. Even my teacher looked the other way, which made my suffering harder still. This experience has followed me ever since and today I am 44 years old. Last year I checked myself into a clinic for six months, hoping it would help me with my sorrow – but in vain, though it did help with another problem.
I want to thank you, Ilona, with all my heart that you were able to relieve me of my long felt grief and pain. It seems like a miracle to leave everything behind within only a few days and that this massive weight on my soul has been taken away. Everything has lost its power and I can look back in total peace.
This profound healing work with my soul made it finally possible to look freely and optimistic into the future. My anxieties have gone and my projects are of a positive nature now. I am completely free now and can at long last feel happiness again!

Thank you!

A.B., cook, Germany

M.D., Lower Saxony

Three hours with Ilona made me forget 15 years of fear.
Fears, blockages, unrest, insecurity, all this belongs to the past.
Years of „gorging” pills …are finally over.
Thanks to the newly learned techniques I am full of power and energy again. It is unbelievable that such massive changes in life can be achieved through breath-work!
I cannot write down what you have showed me. It is something special to me.

Thank you very much for your help and your fantastic work.

M.D., Lower Saxony

M. B. / Den Haag / Netherlands

Dear Ms Palucki,

I met you about half a year ago on recommendation. My reason to see you was actually another one completely. I mentioned rather offhandedly that I was experiencing a pain on the right hand side from the head down to my fingers since about six weeks. It felt like electricity (like when one has extremely sensitive teethes and tries to eat an ice cream or to drink a hot tea). I could hardly touch my hair! However, touching my scalp was even worse, which made washing my hair very difficult – it was that painful. Often, when I wanted to touch something with my right hand I had to pull it back with the sensation as if I had just put my fingers into a socket. I did put this down to stress that had been building up over a long period of time.

Explaining this to Ms Palucki made her look at me with very big eyes and she strongly advised me to immediately consult a doctor with something like this. A little later during our conversation she said that she wanted to see if she could do something for me, all the same, but that this might take one or two days. Already the next morning she called me with quite a sensational story: she informed me that she had a look into it during the evening and once again in the morning and that she had started instantly with the healing work.

She asked me whether my husband would sit/walk and simply be mostly on my right hand side, which I could only confirm: he sleeps on my right, sits on the sofa on my right etc. Ms Palucki told me that she had seen that my energetic body literally clung itself around my partner’s left side; it was wrapped around him like an octopus! She mentioned that following a little moment of hesitation she actually separated our energetic bodies from each other, and that afterwards the right hand side of my energetic body was almost non-existent anymore.

While digesting this kind of information I remembered that my husband had been complaining for a while that his left hand, shoulder and knee were hurting and that when he was changing gears while driving his motorbike it was with quite an effort. I mentioned this to Ms Palucki as well and everything together made perfect sense.

I am very happy to report that my pain was gone within two days and my husband’s pain after probably another two. I must admit that when Ms Palucki told me that she had separated our bodies energetically I was afraid what this might do to our emotional and/or physical relationship…it’s the same, only WITHOUT the pain. And honestly, clinging on to someone (consciously or not) is never a good thing, is it.

Ms Palucki and I did some body-work together in this matter another day for about one hour or so to restore and strengthen the energetic right hand side of my body (as a matter of fact, when I closed my eyes I felt a little lopsided a rather unpleasant and destabilising sensation).

This is all better now. Since half a year now I haven’t had anything again.

I would never have dreamed of such an amazing result. I am writing here rather frankly since it is my huge desire to share my story with others and to thank Ms Palucki sincerely.

M. B./ Den Haag, Netherlands

W. Märker, Meerbusch, Germany

Dear Ms Palucki,

It’s about time that I sent you a few words of my gratitude for your fantastic work. During my summer holidays between 2009 and 2012 at your place you kept asking me about my extremely hunched-over way of walking (close to a hunchback) and my distorted and twisted way of sitting. Many times, you would offer me your help but I was unsure whether to accept it or not.

In 2012 my wife and I came again on holiday to Le Luc, this time with a couple of which the wife happened to be a nurse, who talked sense into me, saying that I’d be stupid not accept your offer. And luckily I did.

After only 1 ½ hours of working with you my friends noticed in amazement that I was already walking upright. What did she do? Well, you taught me your IP Breathing Technic and showed me very specific exercises which straightened my spine and after a second session of 75 min relaxed my completely twisted neck muscles.

For my work I cover between 40 and 50.000 km per year with my car. To get through these long distances with my back problems, I had a very expensive special car seat installed about 15 years ago.

I had an extremely tilted head posture that originated from a problem in my left eye from early age on until an operation in 1999, which in turn caused these back problems.

Now, after the work with you, Ms Palucki, I had to readjust my car seat to an upright position which allows me to finish my long car journeys completely relaxed and without any pain at all. Even my head posture got regulated.

One year on, my posture has not changed back.

I can only warmheartedly recommend Ms Palucki’s work for everyone who suffers from similar problems, for it has given me back a huge amount of quality in my life.

Thank you very much.

W. Märker, Meerbusch, Germany

Panasonic senior trainer

Tobias K., Cook, Lüneburg, Germany

Finally, after two years I wanted to get back in touch with you. You helped me very much at that time and today I would like to report on this long-lasting success story.
Since early age (now I am 24 years old) I had a problem on the left hand side of my neck. A bigger area of my skin was so hypersensitive that it always felt inflamed, though there was nothing to see. No one had an explanation – not even my parents. No cream/balm ever helped. Nobody could either touch this area (me included) or put anything on it. Girlfriends were not allowed to kiss this part let alone caressing it with their fingers. How could I explain this without being labelled crazy? And, if this wasn’t enough I frequently came down with either a sore throat or tonsillitis. I felt very much constricted, despite the fact that I had arranged my life around my skin-sensitivity.
Surprisingly, you agreed to work with me after we met and later you continued the work from Asia. For some days we spoke on the phone every day and you told me what you had seen and the healing work you had done from afar. Your explanation – that my skin irritations originated from an earlier life – made immediately sense to me. I was even happier when after only one week of healing work this irritation and sensibility was completely gone and it gets even better: I had the impression that the whole left side of my body gained in volume! This was an entirely new and immense sensation, which has become now perfectly natural to me. I don’t want to forget to mention that the associated throat infections are gone, too.
A very big thanks to you – and I can recommend you without hesitation.

Tobias K., Cook, Lüneburg, Germany

K. Forster / London / UK

Dear Ilona,

When I was in my early twenties I used to complain about a stabbing pain in my lower back especially after long walks or long periods of standing. Consequently, I went to see an orthopaedist (at this time one of the best in my hometown), who had me immediately x-rayed. Looking at these x-ray photos he concluded that one of my legs was almost one centimetre shorter than the other one and that this in turn was putting a lot of strain on my pelvis, hence this pain. I might add that even with an untrained eye I could see in the mirror that one hip-bone was higher than the other one and I therefore never questioned his diagnosis. I went home with a prescription for inlays for my shoes and though that I was well served. Those prescribed inlays helped a little but not much and I tried not to overdo walking or standing for too long.

More than 20 years later I met Ilona Palucki in the South of France and to cut a long story short, we started working together. She looked at me and told me that I had scoliosis, wasn’t standing upright, put too much weight on my left side and had sloping shoulders, thank you very much. In our sessions together she straightened me out by “pushing and pulling” at me here and there, putting my shoulders back and taught me this wonderful breathing technique of hers. I was sent home with physical exercises mostly a three or four step programme at a time that I had to repeat at home, which I happily did. After three rather enjoyable sessions and quite a bit of muscle ache later, we could see that I was finally straight, and most of all I felt my usual height (1,70m) again (a long forgotten feeling.

Now, I’ve got a straight back (no scoliosis anymore!), and as it turns out my legs are the same size after all (I used to turn my left leg inwards which subsequently tilted my pelvis downwards). When I look into the mirror today my hip bones are perfectly level, what a great feeling!

I wanted to say a very big thank you to Ilona. I simply love her unconventional and yet very practical “no frills but facts” approach in her healing work.

With the benefit of hindsight, I can truly say that the orthopaedist actually never looked at me – he listened to my problem and then only looked at the x-ray photos….never at ME! s

Again, thank you so much Ilona.

K. Forster, London, UK

Martina and Dirk Hopfensitz, Munich

Account about Markus Philip Hopfensitz, born 08.05.2001,

as of 08.17.2013

Markus was already very easily startled as a baby. In the beginning I could only use the vacuum cleaner once my husband had left the house with him. When he was 1,5 years old we saw a child psychologist, who identified autistic traits and a retardation of development. At 2,5 years Markus was diagnosed with the Kanner Syndrome in the children-center in Munich. This is a from of autism that comes along with mental impairment. Shocking for us was Markus auto-aggressive behaviour. When he was frustrated he slammed his head on the floor. He was superficially happy and was able to be caring – though his eyes were always looking sad – but he had strong depressive tendencies that came out in waves. Although he received medication and treatment by several therapists we thought of what might happen during puberty with horror.

I had met Mme Palucki in Munich. On my request she started to work with him in June this year. We were very surprised: within a few weeks Markus started to be more and more calm and seemed to be much more contented. The depression and the sadness in his eyes have disappeared entirely.

At the moment he hast to deal with major changes in his life. He will move into a new attended flatshare in Old Münster together with his room-mate. At the moment he lives in Schönbrunn, an institue for mentally disabled. Further he will be with his entire class in a regular school as a special class in Haimhausen and will have new teachers. Normally Markus would have been totally confused in circumstances like these. He would be only squeaking, screaming and jumping. But instead he seems to be remarkably balanced, contented indeed, and jumps only rarely. He also walks less and less on his toes. I know that Mme Palucki has specifically worked on this. The childminders that hadn’t seen him for some weeks noticed these remarkable changes:

His walking has improved a lot. He has contact to other children more often. His aggression has basically disappeared. Even mentally he makes amazing progress. In June he hugged his brother as a greeting fort he first time and gave him a kiss. According to his minder in August he can differentiate himself much better from other children. F.i. if somebody approaches him to closely, he says „go away“. His writing also improved and is much more clear f.i. on shopping lists.

Today (08.16.13) we have been invited for lunch at my step-parents. Markus hadn’t seen me for one month due to a cure that I took. When Markus saw me he was evidently happy and gave me a firm hug. He hugged my step-mother, too. When I asked him wether he wants to take his straws along, he said: „I don’t need them anymore“. Since years he has been nibbling on straws – probabely for pacification.

What Mme Palucki has accomplished in this short amount of time, no medication and none of the therapists altogether have in all these years.

We are deeply thankful for this!

Martina and Dirk Hopfensitz, Munich

K.R., Chartered Accountant/Mediation-Agency

Dear Ms Palucki,

Despite of a recommendation in the back of my mind it was supposed to be just a spontaneous short vacation in the South of France – simply to relax; to let go of the daily routine and to find inner peace and quiet again. The latter had become increasingly difficult for me over the past few years. However, once finally arrived in a state of so called “peace and quiet” I was stuck in endless thoughts and it seemed that on the other hand my heart rate got gradually faster and irregularly. Those heart problems had developed to such an extent that I consulted a cardiologist who, after rather costly examinations, prescribed precautionary beta-blocker saying that he would probably have to re-adjust the medication more precisely a little later. I didn’t want to accept this just yet and consequently didn’t take any medication.

Especially in those phases of “heart-unrest” I often felt trapped by deeply imbedded fears – frequently triggered by external banalities.  Thanks to your gentle and empathetic work down to the causes of those fears I am now able to face emotional challenges noticeably stronger and more liberated than before.  I am happy to say that in the meantime I can no longer notice any heart rhythm problems – indeed everything feels much calmer now.

I particularly benefit from the understanding of personal sensitivities, which I gained in our mutual sessions, in my professional work as mediator in economic conflicts.

Thank you so much – I gladly recommend you without hesitation.

Munich in August 2013

K.R., Chartered Accountant/Mediation-Agency

Walter Märker, Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, Germany Senior Trainer, Panasonic

Dear Mme Palucki,

it is about time that I express my gratitude for your extra-ordinairy work in an appropriate manner.

During my summer-vacations at your place in the years 2009-2013 you regularly pointed my stoop (commencing hunchback) and and my twisted and unhealthy sitting-posture out to me. You have offered me your help repeatedly, but I was unsure wether I should accept this help.

In the summer of 2012 my wife and me spent our vacationin Le Luc together with old friends of ours, another married couple. The wife is a nurse and she advised me to definitely accept your offer.

These friends instantly noticed my upright posture after the first 1,5 hr session. What did you do? You have taught me your IP-Holistic Breathing and body-work, thanks to which my spine has straightened. During the second session of 75 minutes my twisted musculature and the vertebrae of the neck straightened.

During the last years I always had a high-grade special driver´s seat in my company car (40.000 – 50.000 kilometers per year).

These back-problems developed among other reasons because of an extreme strabism of the left eye since I was fifteen until my eye-operation in 1999, which in turn led to a distinctively skewed posture oft he head.

After the treatment with you I have adjuste this driver´s seat entirely different, because I was not able to sit in it´s old position. I had to adjust it into a specifically straight position. Since then I am driving long distances in a very relaxed manner. Further the posture of my head has straightened out as well.

Today, one year after your treatment, my spine has not regressed into the old posture.

I would like to recommend Mme Palucki´s way of treatment to everybody who has to struggle with similar problems. Her treatment has restored a great deal of quality of life to me.

I thank you cordially for that!

Walter Märker, Meerbusch near Düsseldorf, Germany Senior Trainer, Panasonic

Silvija Bihler, Institute for asthetic and medical Cosmetics /Split/Croatia

Dear Mme Palucki,

Today I want to inform you that I just had my yearly appointment at the heart-clinic and that the myocarditis-disease has healed out entirely! This disease was incurable for me!

I had infected myself with streptococci during my work as a nurse in the emergency-room in 1999 and this had triggered myocarditis. Extreme arrythmia was becoming life-threatening form e, so I had to have regurlar controls and take prescriptions.

The heart-experts were baffled by the healing. To be absolutely sure I went to another expert after that and had it checked with the documentation of the last years. Here the healing also caused much astonishment according tot he motto „what can´t be, mustn´t be“.

One and a half years ago you have taught me your IP holistic breath and healing work. Even at that time my heart had extremely steadied during the work. You gave me valuable tips.

Today I express my utter delight. My heart disease has healed entirely and the arrythmia had disappeared just after one hour of our work. I can vent my joy that you have achieved the healing without doubt. Thank you for this precious work, your care and that you have affirmed me by telephone without it ever being „too much“ for you. By now I don´t live in France anymore, but my thoughts are with you again and again.

Silvija Bihler, Institute for asthetic and medical Cosmetics /Split/Croatia

Eva N., NLP, Frankfurt, Germany

After many years of great psychological distress and depression, psychotherapies and a stay in a trauma-clinic I have found you by accident. Since you understood and recognized me from the first moment on, I instantely felt right with you and secure.

You could immediately see the abuse through my grandfather. It didn´t even take a week and the abuse and various other themes had been dissolved. What psychotherapies and two stays in a trauma-clinic didn´t achieve, you have called it right by it´s name and you worked very lovingly with me.

I can really feel how I could rise from this dark tunnel. Quickly I was able to laugh again – finally!

An undescribable burdon has fallen off of me. My husband and me are endlessly thankful for that. Now I can even speak publicly about my experiences without pain, because you helped me. Now the power and energy of the abuse are `just`memory. I have become an almost entirely happy human being. I just know now, how freedom and happiness feel.

Eva N., NLP, Frankfurt, Germany

J. Muther, Zurich, Switzerland

I had doubts in the beginning, because I couldn´t imagine that there could be help for this. Despite my doubts I started to work with you. Since many years I have suffered from a very round back. My head was hangning frontwards. I had difficulties to stand upright and could keep this posture only for a few minutes before bending over again. Honestly I have suffered a lot from this, but I couldn´t change it. Doctors have never pointed it out to me.

Your IP Holistic-Breathing technique and together with the rectification of my torso has provided me with a completely different experience of life within two hours. Also the further work has added to an substantial improvement of the rectification of my back.

Playing drums and dancing Tango Argentin – my great passions – have improved unbelievabely through the new posture. Everything has become so easy. The rhythm is literally flowing from my arms and my torso. Finally I am feeling how my self-confidence is changing positively and how I can encounter people in a completely new way. I can´t wait to see how everything is going to develop. I am convinced.

J. Muther, Zurich, Switzerland 2013

Madline Br; San Francisco, USA

From the bottom of my heart I want to Thank you for your healing work. I am 19 years old and for my whole life I had guilty feelings toward my half brother. It was a dark secret. For the first time I could confide my feelings and thoughts to someone-, to you. And it is like a wonder, now I finally don’ t have these feelings of guilt any longer. Adverse my half brother I feel free now. In general I feel lighter now.

I also want to mention that a different story that happened to me where I felt  much pressure in my diaphragm is now completely solved. This pressure disappeared within a few days of healing work. I never would have thought that you actually could understand me right to the point in this short period of time and that you could free me from this suffering. Finally I can breathe thoroughly without feeling any tension! Thank you very much for you help!

Madline Br; San Francisco, USA

Silvija B. / Croatia

Dear Ilona, I want to thank you for your wonderful work with my eleven year old daughter. With your work my daughter has finally found her confidence. She got out of a primal sadness that she had since birth and of which we did not know the cause. Nobody had an answer for this behaviour. Within days of your work with her she can now look at and talk to adults openly, which was never possible before. Everybody notices it and we get asked often what has happened to her. Thank you very much, that you could make her life‘s journey easier. We are endlessly happy about this new situation. Now a year has passed and it has remained like this.

Silvija B. / Croatia

Anita D., Health-Referee, New Homeopathy, Germany

My training with Ilona Palucki has changed my life within very short time. Her work has led me onto a new level of experience and has given me a new inner and outer positioning and a completely new strength, that I could not have imagined to be possible. I have absolut trust in her work and I can only recommend it.

Anita D., Health-Referee, New Homeopathy, Germany

Anita B., Augsburg, Germany

For many years during my childhood I was exposed to repeated sexual abuse. Many years I had to suffer. Through this my life was restricted in all aspects  and I was very unhappy. I tried many ways to get help and relief.

Real and profound help I only received from you. I could have never imagined to be released from that one day. You accomplished it. Today I look back, liberated… I can live free now after this work!

Today I can BREATHE. Also your IP-breathing technique has advanced me a long way.

The way to you was worth it. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I definitely recommend your work from my heart

Anita B., Augsburg, Germany

Wynande M., Den Haag, NL

Just by chance I meet you and got into a conversation with you. I told you of the ever-returning inflammation on my entire palm and on my fingertips. Also the skin repeatedly broke up and started to bleed in recent years. I have been carrying this problem on and on for twenty-five years and I have consulted doctors again and again. No prescriptions, nothing could help me.

You offered me your work and I decided to try it. A short time later my hands and fingertips healed completely. It is like a miracle for me. With your help we found the causes… after 25 years!

Also I could improve my scoliosis a lot with your help. Thank you for the blissful work! I think it was no accident that I have met you.

Wynande M., Den Haag, NL

Werner H., Stuttgart, Germany

Dear Mme Palucki,

That I am feeling so well nowadays I rate for the most part as a success of your faculties that you have used during our work together. I thank you for that cordially.

Two years ago after an accident of my back you had brought me to consciously erect my posture more and more in a miraculous manner, which is very beneficial to my lumbar spine.

During my last holiday in France you have taught me your breathing technique – during the two hours that I allowed you to – and by that you have given me a tool to address, perceive and „ventitlate“ my whole body or just speciific parts (organs).

This breathing-method is also wholistically beneficial. It finally led to continually reduce the problems at the spine (neck) despite of smaller backlashes. Visually speaking I have felt how my problems and complaints have „left“ my body more and more. Sometimes it wasn´t easy to raise the necessary concentration and patience, but everything was rewarded with success.

Even my headaches appear very rarely. (I assume that I am a bit sensitive to the weather.) However, I don´t need any medication, because your breathing-technique remedies quickly everytime.

Although I have gotten accustomed to being well in the meantime. I do not take it for granted.

Dear Mme Palucki, I am very grateful for everything.

Werner H., Stuttgart, Germany

Michael Gabriel, Reading / Therapist, Berkshire, UK

The day I met Ilona in 2012,  I felt her integrity, her empowerment and her love. And to do the powerful work that she is doing, I believe, these 3 qualities are vital. Then followed 2 sessions with her in the treatment centre in her home in the south of France. Her home and exquisite garden surroundings confirmed to me what I had intuitively felt about her, but also I was deeply moved by the incredible beauty of it all (she is also a very talented artist). But even more important there was an all pervading spiritual quality. Ilona’s loving relationship with her 5 cats was also very touching to witness (they all basked and luxuriated in her caring attention!) not to mention her loving relationship with her son (in his 20s).

On the second session, my relationship partner Antoinette, who also has a strong artistic side, came with me and was also very touched by the beauty and quality of  Ilona’s home.

The sessions: Being born ‘by accident’ (like many of us in the West) the feeling of being unwanted and virtually orphaned has had some powerful physical effects on my body like:

blockages, leading to coldness in hands and feet. As a psychotherapist part of my own self development work over many years has been to deal with this sense of isolation. The 2 sessions with Ilona were powerfully effective in helping me take the next steps on my journey.

In the sessions Ilona located the blockages (in my spine and thighs) that the feeling of  ‘being unwanted’ was causing, which also lead to my hands and feet being permanently cold.

Through the intense and extraordinairy work with Ilona I felt how my hands and feet were getting warm for the first time after 65 years., an undescribable feeling. She discovered that this was caused by the experience of WWII during my childhood. Ilona was the person who discovered this after just 4 hrs!

She showed me a breathing process to bring healing, which I have been working with ever since. There has been significant improvement in the months since.

So how did Ilona discover these blockages, which certainly hadn’t previously revealed themselves in X rays or medical tests?

She had this inner visual of a little naked boy (me!) doubled up in what looked like pain (which I later discovered to be the psychological pain of  shame), that was causing these blockages. This visual she saw gave me utter confidence in her work, because  previously I had seen a similar visual too during a meditation. Then Ilona said she was getting the image of a young woman. As she said this, an image of a young woman came up in me too. I immediately ‘knew’ who it was. For months I had been trying to develop a relationship with my guardian angel and had asked her if she would show her face to me. In that session she did with Ilona’s help. My deeper relationship with my guardian angel has had a potent effect on my life and work since this time.

The above was a fraction of what happened in the session, and from reading some on Ilona’s accounts of different sessions, I am really aware that every session is unique, because every human being is unique. I believe Ilona is able to visualise and channel the appropriate energy for each client because of her qualites of integrity, love and empowerment… and let me add her openess to The Divine.

Michael Gabriel, Reading / Therapist, Berkshire, UK

Matinee. M. / Performer / Actor / Bangkok / Thailand

After work with you I found myself different… I feel more relaxed and I understand things better and the most important is: I could hear myself and know what I really want… My body is happier and stronger… You really helped to open my door that been locked up for a long time… Now i feel like I could give love to other people more and let them in easier than before without fear! And I learned that no matter what we do, we have to do with LOVE not FEAR! Cause LOVE is the most powerful energy on earth and I feel I am LOVE! Thank you so much for working with me.

Matinee. M., Performer, Actor, Bangkok, Thailand

A.T. , Münster, Germany

With your help and your competence, your empathy and the various thera- peutic possibilities, which were all carefully adjusted to each other and which even I didn ́t know in this form, you helped me in this special way, to disssolve blocks, to find my peace and my inner balance again, to develop a new awareness of life, and to lead myself calmly and easily through my sleep and my day. A very cordial thank-you for this extraordinairy and ef- fective work.

A.T. , Münster, Germany

Michael D. / Performer / New York City / USA

The time I spent with you was quite amazing and still has lots of impacts. I am con- stantly working and reminding myself of the things we talked and worked about, also and especially the work you and me together with other students.

Michael D., Performer , New York City, USA

Martin S., Pilot, Hannover

The work with you has liberated me of all the compulsions that I had created for myself… I could approach discomfort in my back, shoulder and knee from within (I have been in treatment since a long time and had to take painkillers daily)… You have showed me what energy I have inside of me and how I can use it for a more balanced, more happy and especially pain-free life on all levels… with you I regained my inner peace, that I had lost… with you I have experienced what my mind and my body are capable of… thanks to you I live without discomfort and have found the fun in life again… thank you for that.

Martin S., Pilot, Hannover

Martina H., Munich, Germany

Dear Ilona! A few months ago I came to visit you for 3 days and almost broke down at your place. Now weeks later I am looking back. My intense migrane, that has often brought me to the edge of despair for many years and that has often knockedc me out in my profession and in my family, has improved dramatically and just comes sporadic.

I want to thank you for giving me just the right instructions especially the specific breath exercises and the improvement of my posture.

I also want to thank you for the support to emotionally discharge my lost foetus – all in these days.

Today I am looking at an extremely positive strength and energy, which I can feel more day by day. You have strenghtened me to head into the right direction professionally and to finally start a new line of education, I have always wished for, but never started.

I wish you many further clients that can come to you and expect the kind of help that I have received. Thank you also for still accompanying me today!

Martina H., Munich, Germany

Ruth P., Producer, New York City, USA

Dear Ilona, I am so happy. You have eyes and inner eyes that see through to me. You have helped me su much – just because you are so unafraid to look, to see and to say what is there. You have given me one of the insights I needed to find my way.

Ruth P., Producer, New York City, USA